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The Wave Chapter 9: The Beast of Gévaudan, Spring-Heeled Jack, Mothman, And Other Dimensional Window Fallers

At this point, I want to take a little diversion into the fun and interesting subject of monsters! Yup! Monsters! Now, you ask, what do Monsters have to do with The Wave? Well, perhaps a great deal.

Throughout history there have been reports of strange and anomalous creatures visiting our world. The most recent well-publicized instance is the so-called Chupacabras of (primarily) Latin American fame. Any of you who have read the reports of this bizarre creature will immediately make the connections to the cases I am going to recount for your reading pleasure here.

“In a remote district of 18th century France there stalked a marauding beast so terrible that its bloody deeds have passed into legend…” So begins one version of the tale of the “Beast of Gévaudan”, a strange and horrible creature that began its rampage of terror in June of 1764, and continued its mysterious appearances and disappearances for over two years.1

It started in the Mercoire forest near Langogne when a young woman was out watching her cows. She suddenly was charged by a hideous beast. Her dogs (curiously) ran away, and she would have been killed if the cows had not kept the monster at bay with their horns. The woman got away with a few scratches, torn clothing and shattered nerves. (Shattered nerves do seem to be one of the constants in these types of cases, which may be a connection, as we will see further on.)

She was able to describe the beast to the people of her village as being about the size of a cow with a very wide chest, a huge head and neck, short straight ears and a nose like a greyhound. Two long fangs protruded from each side of its black mouth. Its tail was long and exceptionally thin and it had a black stripe running from the top of the head to the tip of the tail. She also said it could make leaps of as much as 30 feet at a time. It was the general opinion of those hearing this description, that it was some type of gigantic wolf.

Are we dealing with a hysterical account here? I mean, who ever heard of a wolf as big as a cow? A wolf that can leap 30 feet at a time? Keep those leaps in mind also…

In the following months, the beast attacked women and children and solitary men who took the livestock out to pasture. Many were devoured or carried off. People also found half-ravaged dead bodies and torn-off limbs scattered about.

On October 8, 1764, two hunters saw the beast and shot at it from only 10 paces. On this occasion, the beast fell down, but got up immediately. The hunters shot once more — and again the beast fell down. But, it got back up and unsteadily ran into a nearby wood. As it ran away, the hunters shot it yet again, and each time it fell and got back up and continued to run.

People were sure it had been seriously wounded and that it would be found dead the next day. Instead, a greater than usual number of people were killed in the following days as though the Beast were seeking retribution for the attacks against it. Or, perhaps, it needed to replenish its energy?

The next month, a Captain Duhamel took charge of the situation and organized the peasants as beaters so that he and his company of Dragoons — 40 foot-soldiers and 17 mounted soldiers — could corner and kill the beast. But, the beast was not to be fooled into a trap. Every time they thought they had it surrounded and started shooting, it managed to escape.

A large reward was offered for the capture of the beast and this brought hunters from all over France. The hunt went on for months. The peasants soon got tired of all these hunters and soldiers eating their food and trampling down their crops and rumblings of discontent were heard. At the same time, the beast launched into a rampage even more terrible than before — right under the noses of the hunters and soldiers! It was as though it fed on the negative feelings and became even more daring and powerful.

King Louis XV sent a famous hunter, Mr. Denneval, to the district. Denneval was reputed to have killed 1200 wolves. He began to track the Beast with his bloodhounds in February of 1765.

In March, when Denneval had been tracking the beast for a month, the three children of a family named Denis were watching their livestock near Malzieu. Jacques, aged 16, had lit a fire under a rock outcrop and Julienne, in her 20s, had wandered away for a moment. Jeanne was close by Jacques who was tending the fire. Suddenly, she screamed. The beast was upon her and had seized her by the head. Jacques managed to save her by throwing the beast onto the fire and holding it there until it struggled away, howling.

Jeanne was left with two gaping wounds — one behind each ear — and a torn shoulder. All of the wounds healed. But Jeanne went mad and never recovered her sanity. She experienced repeated bouts of quivering terror that made her scream as though the Beast were on her again. Her sister, Julienne, who had been present at the time, but had wandered away for a moment, felt guilty for not protecting Jeanne and was heard to say, “Now it is either the beast or me.” She began to “expose” herself to the beast by wandering the slopes of Malzieu.

Jacques Denis vowed to avenge his sister, Jeanne, and joined the great hunter Denneval. The tactics being used by this hunter involved allowing the beast to gain confidence to come out into the open so the hunters and dogs could then surround it rather than trying to beat it into a corner. However, this strategy didn’t work either. The dogs and scores of men who were soon exhausted by racing over the rough terrain would often pursue the Beast, but the monster kept going with seeming supernatural endurance. And, it always left a path of slaughtered children, torn bodies, and body parts in its wake.

On April 29, 1765, a nobleman named de la Chaumette spotted the beast near his home in Saint-Chely. He saw it stalking a shepherd in a pasture and called his two brothers to get their guns and the three of them went to ambush the Beast. They shot at it. The Beast collapsed on the ground and rolled over two or three times. De la Chaumette fired again. The Beast rolled towards the wood, managed to gain shelter and fled. Great splashes of blood stained the ground and brush all around the area, so it was clear that the beast had been wounded. Everyone felt it had gone away to die.

This happened at the beginning of the Spring Fair at Malzieu in May of 1765, so it turned into a big celebration over the death of The Beast. In the midst of the festivities, a rider galloped into the square and shouted, “Marguerite is done for. The Beast has got her!”

Marguerite happened to be a friend of Jacques Denis, the young man who had sworn to kill the beast to avenge his sister, Jeanne. He rushed off to find Marguerite, and she was right at the outskirts of the village, lying in her own blood, her throat ripped open. (Does it seem a bit peculiar that this one family has so many connections to the Beast?)

On that day, the Beast killed three people, but didn’t even bother to eat them, as was his usual habit. Another series of “retributions” for having been shot?

In any event, these gruesome deaths caused the peasants to go crazy with rage and despair. Grabbing pitchforks, pikes, long poles, bayonets, and whatever else came to hand, they put the dogs onto the fresh scent of the Beast, and led by the outraged Jacques Denis, set off to find the beast or else!

As it happened, Jacques soon found himself confronting the beast for the second time. He attacked with a bayonet. The Beast leaped upon him and he would have been killed, but the crowd of villagers arrived at that moment and the beast fled.

The King was furious because this beast was making France look ridiculous. England was using it as a vehicle for “French bashing”, and this was a state of affairs that could not be tolerated any longer. Louis sent his personal gun carrier, Antoine de Beauterne, to deal with the problem.

The great hunter, Denneval, had already given up after the debacle in June. At the same time, the Beast went on a fresh rampage. On June 16 it mangled a little girl who was saved at the last minute. On the 21st it killed a 14-year-old boy, devoured a 45-year-old woman, and carried off another little girl.

The Church got involved at this point, declaring that the Beast was a messenger of evil sent to punish the people for their sins. (How typical!) Rumors of witchcraft and dark rites and werewolves started to spread and it was increasingly clear that this was not your normal “giant wolf” or anything that the people had ever dealt with before!

Well, for three months, the King’s “problem solver”, Antoine de Beauterne, did nothing. He inspected the area, drew maps, surveyed the routes taken by the beast, and just generally analyzed the problem. Finally, on September 21, he organized a beat with 40 local hunters and 12 dogs.

Following de Beauterne’s instructions, based on his “intuition”, the beaters encircled a ravine in the wood of Pommier. Suddenly, the dogs began barking furiously. The Beast was, indeed, there, so de Beauterne’s analysis had been correct. The dogs were unleashed and the beast was forced out into the clearing. It began turning wildly at the edge of the wood, looking for an escape. It hesitated, and then came forward into the sunlight. De Beauterne shot it and some of the buckshot struck the animal’s right shoulder. One shot went through its right eye and its skull. The beast fell and the hunters sounded the horn of triumph.

Suddenly, to everyone’s stupefied amazement, the Beast got up and went toward Antoine de Beauterne. One man fired at it, and the shot went through its thigh. But, seemingly possessed of supernatural energy, the beast turned, found a hole in the net, and ran off into a pasture beyond.

Then, the beast collapsed again. Dead at last.

It measured 6 feet from nose to base of tail and weighed 143 pounds. It had a huge head with fangs about 1.5 inches long. It was stuffed and taken to the King. Later it was taken to the Museum of Natural History where it was kept until the beginning of the 20th century. Where it may be now, I have been unable to determine as most of the resources are in French.

But, that was not the end of the story! As it happened, for the next two months — until the end of November 1765 — the killings went on, but were forbidden to be spoken of by order of the king!

So, either the Beast of Gévaudan was not killed — or there was more than one of them!

The month of December was a nightmare. People barricaded themselves in their homes in terror of the Beast who could not be named or discussed.

Julienne Denis who had vowed, “It’s the Beast or me,” had continued to wander the countryside in a sort of half-crazed state and disappeared on the day before Christmas. Jacques Denis went out to search for his sister. She was never seen again though some unrecognizable remains were found along a narrow ravine a week later.

All that winter the carnage continued. More searches were made, but the public outcry and mass hysteria was suppressed by the king’s orders. The winter of 1766/67 was calmer with only a few disappearances. But, in the spring, the rampage began again. It is not even known how many were killed because the king’s suppression orders meant that many deaths from the ravages of the Beast were not recorded as such and many families, fearing the king’s wrath, did not admit to the deaths. But, from March to June of 1767 it is thought that there were at least 14 victims of the Beast in one small area around Paulhac.

In May and June the peasants began to go on pilgrimages to pray for relief from the Beast. One pilgrim, Jean Chastel, obtained three blessed cartridges from his pilgrimage.

June 19, 1767, another beat was organized by a local nobleman, which consisted of 300 hunters and beaters. Jean Chastel joined the fray and positioned himself on the Sogne d’Aubert in the same way Antoine de Beauterne had placed himself in the Beal ravine when the first Beast had been killed. He opened his prayer book and began to read while he waited for the Beast.

The Beast, on the run from the dogs and beaters, came out in front of Chastel. Chastel calmly finished praying, closed the book, took off his glasses and put them away in his pocket. He then raised his gun and fired. The Beast fell and Chastel reportedly said, “You will kill no more!”

According to various sources, after the second creature was gutted, the remains of a small girl were found inside its entrails. For several weeks the carcass of the gigantic creature was hauled around the countryside to celebrate its death. It is said that on the spot where the beast fell, the grass will not grow.

H. Sidky, author of Witchcraft, Lycanthropy, Drugs, and Disease: An Anthropological Study of the European Witch-Hunts (New York: Peter Lang Publishing, 1997) writes:

Many who believed the killings to be the work of a single creature — an infernal werewolf — named it the “Beast of Gévaudan”. Professional wolf-hunters and teams of dogs were brought in, along with several detachments of dragoons, to stalk the fiendish animal, while the authorities posted huge bounties. At one point nearly 20,000 men from seventy-three parishes joined the hunt; and as a consequence more than a thousand wolves were slaughtered, although the “Beast” was not among them. The elusive creatures remained at large and continued their destructive habits, until the male of the pair was finally killed on September 21, 1766, and the female some nine months later.

Later investigations proved the events described did happen and that the creature was a “rare type of wolf”. This was the opinion of the experts at the time, and subsequent Cryptozoologists confirmed the reports by using surgeons’ reports as a basis for their determination.

A “rare type of wolf,” they say? How rare? Only two of them in the entire world? Or, have other, similar wolves been found in other places and times?

It’s hard to make an assessment of the story because most of the research material is in French, and the reports of the time were, undoubtedly, somewhat biased so that later studies based on these reports, burdened by the modern day biases, are even more obscure.

I did think that it was curious that on the occasions when the Beast had been shot and thought to be sure to die, it returned with a vengeance as though either consciously seeking revenge for its wounds, or because it was endowed with some supernatural strength as a result of the attacks against it!

Now, the Beast of Gévaudan was sort of a nine-day-wonder compared to Spring-Heeled Jack who terrorized the people of London for decades — another most interesting tale that is worth a little perusal.

In our modern times, the stories of Spring-Heeled Jack are dismissed as figments of the Victorian imagination. One theory was that it was a creation of servants and the lower classes on which they cast the blame for their own negligence or pilfering. Some people think it was made up to frighten young children into behaving or “Spring-Heeled Jack will get you.”

The fact is, Spring-Heeled Jack’s appearances were widely reported in the local and national press (though that is no guarantee that he was real, for sure!).

No one is exactly sure when Jack made his first appearance and there are sources that report circulation of these stories as early as 1817. But, it was only in 1837 that Jack became a news item of widespread interest.

In September 1837 in London, Jack attacked three women in the dark of the night. One of the victims, Polly Adams, reportedly had her dress torn off which allowed Jack to scratch at her stomach2 with his “iron clad” fingers — apparently a reference to long claws. The victims later described Jack as a tall, thin and powerful man who wore a dark cloak, glowing red or orange eyes, and the ability to spit blue flames.

Attacks continued and London’s Lord Mayor, Sir John Cowan, declared Spring-Heeled Jack a menace in January 1838. A vigilante group soon formed to capture Jack, but he was able to escape all attempts. Supposedly he was able to escape by making great leaps of up to 25 or 30 feet at a time! (Now, where have we heard that before?)

On Wednesday, February 18, eighteen-year-old Lucy Scales and her sister Margaret were returning home after visiting their brother. Lucy was slightly ahead of her sister and, when she passed the entrance to an alley, a figure leaped on her from out of the darkness, breathing fire into her face, and then bounding away in great, springing leaps. Lucy collapsed to the ground in a seizure.

Two days later, on February 20, Jane Alsop responded to a violent ringing of the doorbell of her parents’ home. Just outside the door was an extremely excited man who identified himself as a policeman and said, “For God’s sake bring me a light for we have caught Spring-Heeled Jack in the lane!”

Jane brought a candle and handed it to the policeman who suddenly threw off his cloak. Under this garment, he was dressed very strangely indeed! He had on a large helmet and a skintight, white suit that appeared to be oilskin. His eyes were red and protruding as he glared at Jane and began to vomit blue and white flames in her face!

Now, at this point, my question is about the candle. Was it necessary to have a source of flame in order to produce this strange “dragon breath”? The presence of a candle or other prior flame was not mentioned in the report of Lucy Scales, but it is a fact that modern day fire-breathers use a flame to ignite the volatile mixtures they take into their mouths. There also seems to be no mention of any kind of strong odor as of any gaseous mixture, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t present. The witnesses may have been too hysterical to accurately describe every detail.

At any event, Jane was temporarily blinded, and Jack grabbed her with “talon-like fingers” and tore her dress, raking and scratching her skin in the process.

Naturally, Jane was screaming her head off and her two sisters came running, grabbed her away from the fiend, and slammed the door in his face.

A week later Jack tried the same trick, but the intended victim must have heard about the first incident and was on guard. Jack fled and a witness said that he was wearing an ornate crest with gold filigree in the form of a “W” on his clothing.

Now really, what is up with the superhero outfit? The helmet, the slick, shiny, skin-tight suit, and the gilded crest?!

Nevertheless, Jack’s appearances became less frequent and spread out over a larger area for a time, until 1843, when a new wave of terror began. He appeared then in Northamptonshire, Hampshire and East Anglia.

In 1845 Jack was seen in a low rent district immortalized by Charles Dickens in Oliver Twist, where he cornered a 13-year-old prostitute and breathed fire into her face and threw her into a ditch where she drowned. Thus, Jack went beyond terrorizing people — now he was a murderer.

There were isolated reports of Spring-Heeled Jack over the next 27 years, but most of them were iffy in terms of being poorly witnessed. However, in November of 1872, London was in a state of commotion again over the “Peckham Ghost” which was commented on in the Newspapers as being “as mysterious and alarming as Spring-Heeled Jack had been to the previous generation.”

In 1877 Jack supposedly appeared again at Aldershot Barracks in March, and the figure was shot at on one occasion by a soldier, but seemed to be impervious to bullets.

Ten years later, in 1887, Jack supposedly frightened several young ladies in Cheshire by rushing into a room where they were assembled. He swept the knick-knacks off the mantle and then ran right out. This appearance was said to be a hoax and due to a wager by the sons of several well-known men that one of them should impersonate the original Jack in a convincing way.

There were many theories about who might have been going around masquerading as this strange creature who could leap enormous distances and breathe fire and who had eyes like glowing coals, but no satisfactory explanation has ever been put forward. No one was ever caught, no one was ever positively identified, even with vigilante committees on the prowl bent on capturing Jack at various times. There were numerous sightings of the “Spring-Heeled” figure leaping and bounding away, but no explanation for this has ever been given either.

One question that came up in my mind when thinking about all this was the fact that Jack the Ripper was also a “Jack”, and the time frame could, conceivably, embrace his activities. I have a whole collection of books on The Ripper, each with a different theory as to who he really was and I do, of course, have my favorite theory which does not include any anomalous events. But, that does not exclude such from our consideration of the Ripper phenomenon, particularly when considering the events of the Beast of Gévaudan and the rapacious appetites of that creature! It is, certainly, true that the Ripper must have had some amazing way to escape detection which could include “leaping over buildings”. And, supposedly, the Ripper murders started and stopped in mysterious ways for which no reasonable explanation has been offered other than the perpetrator must have committed suicide, been committed to a mental hospital, or traveled to either America or Australia. (Those are all theories that are seriously considered.)

Back in the 1980s I read John Keel’s The Mothman Prophecies.3 I have to say that this really strange book actually kept me up at night with the implications of the strange things that actually could be out there and about which we knew very little.

I recently read a bumper sticker that said: “If you are not outraged, you aren’t paying attention.” Well, I would like to amend that to “If you are not amazed, you aren’t paying attention!” There are things going on here on the Big Blue Marble that are just perfectly astounding! Charles Fort was a great collector of these things, and there are just piles and piles of references and well-attested cases for any interested person to study. But, when you begin to go through all of it, with an open mind, in addition to amazement, your puzzlement will increase to such a level that you will no longer be able to hold onto your old views of reality.

In Strange and Unexplained Phenomena by Jerome Clark and Nancy Pear (Visible Ink Press, 1997), we find a concise discussion of Mothman, a more recent phenomenon, appearing in West Virginia in 1966.4 He was first reported to have been seen, apparently, by two young married couples who were driving by an abandoned dynamite factory in Point Pleasant late in the evening. What they saw first were two large eyes, (glowing red, I understand) two inches wide and six inches apart, attached to something that was sort of figured like a man, only bigger, and which had huge wings folded against its back!

The four young people panicked and sped away but saw the creature again on a hillside next to the road. It then spread its “bat-like” wings, rose into the air and followed their car. It seemed to be keeping up with them quite easily even though they accelerated to 100 mph in an effort to lose the creature. One of the witnesses said that it was keeping up with them without even flapping its wings!

The same night, however, it seems that someone else had seen Mothman even earlier. A Mr. Newell Partridge, living outside of Salem, West Virginia (90 miles from Point Pleasant), was watching television when the screen suddenly went blank and a “fine herringbone pattern appeared on the tube, and… the set started a loud whining noise, winding up to a high pitch, peaking and breaking off… It sounded like a generator winding up.”

Mr. Partridge’s dog began to howl and continued to do so even after the noisy television was turned off. Partridge went outside and saw his dog facing the barn about 150 yards away, so he shined a flashlight in that direction and saw “two red circles, or eyes, which looked like bicycle reflectors.”

The dog took off after the creature but Partridge tried to call him back without success. Mr. Partridge went in after his gun, but was so unnerved by the “eyes” he had seen, he decided that the better part of valor was the discretion of remaining indoors! He spent the night with his gun at his side.

In the morning, the dog was still missing and it was only two days later that Partridge read the report about the two couples sighting Mothman at the dynamite factory. One of the details in this account was that one of the witnesses said that, as they entered the city limits of Point Pleasant they had seen the body of a large dog by the side of the road and, a few minutes later, as they were leaving, the dog was gone.

Mr. Partridge immediately connected this dead dog to his missing animal that was, in fact, never seen again!

Another strange anomaly was that when the Sheriff’s deputy who investigated the report by the two couples went out to the dynamite plant, he experienced interference on his police radio. He said it was loud and sounded rather like a record or tape being played at high speed. It was so loud that he had to turn the radio off.

From that time until November of 1967, numerous other sightings of “Mothman” were reported. One of them described Mothman as something that rose slowly from the ground, that it was a “big gray thing, bigger than a man,” and that it had no head! It did have the two large glowing red circles at the top of its torso.

According to John Keel, at least a hundred people saw the creature and he gathered the reports to come up with a general description as follows: it stood between five and seven feet tall, was broader than a man, and walked in a clumsy and shuffling manner on human like legs. It made a squeaky sound and the eyes were set near the top of the shoulders. Its wings were bat like but did not flap when it flew. When it took off from the ground, it went “straight up, like a helicopter.” The skin color was gray or brown, and two witnesses said that they heard a mechanical humming as it flew above them.

After 1967, the sightings died away.

Almost everyone who investigated this Mothman business agreed that it was not a hoax. Of course, one “expert” declared that it must have been a sand hill crane. Nevertheless, there were a great many multiple-witness sightings by individuals that the investigators and police considered to be very reliable.

Curiously, there was a sighting of a similar creature by a woman in 1961 (again, in West Virginia), and the witness told John Keel “It was much larger than a man. A big gray figure. It stood in the middle of the road. Then a pair of wings unfolded from its back, and they practically filled the whole road. It almost looked like a small airplane. Then it took off straight up… disappearing out of sight in seconds.”

And there seems to have been a sighting in Kent, England in 1963. Four young people saw a “star” shoot across the night sky and disappear behind trees not far from them. They were scared and started to run but then stopped to observe a golden, oval-shaped light floating a few feet above a field about 80 yards from them. This then disappeared into a wooded area. Suddenly, the witnesses saw a dark shape shuffling toward them from across this field. It was black and human sized, headless and had wings like a bat! At this point, they panicked and ran away!

Others saw a similar UFO during the next few nights. On November 23, two men who had come to investigate found a “vast expanse of bracken that had been flattened.” They also claimed to have seen three huge footprints, two feet long and nine inches wide, impressed deeply into the soil.

Is a “flying humanoid creature” something that has only occurred since the “UFO craze” that started in 1947 with Kenneth Arnold’s “flying saucers”?

Nope. Seems that flying beings of human appearance do appear from time to time. A “winged human form” was seen over Brooklyn, New York, on September 18, 1877 and reported in the New York Sun. Interestingly, this is about the time of some of the “Spring-Heel Jack” reports in England.

On September 12, 1880, there was a report of a “Man with bat’s wings and improved frog’s legs… at least a thousand feet in the air… flying toward the New Jersey coast… [with] a cruel and determined expression.”

Now, I don’t know how a judgment about the expression could be made, but maybe it just meant that it was “frightening” to the witness and this was their subjective interpretation of that fright.

V.K. Arsenyev, a Russian writer, reported the following about an incident that occurred on July 11, 19085 in the Sikhote Mountains near Vladivostok:

The rain stopped, the temperature of the air remained low and the mist appeared over the water. It was then that I saw the mark on the path that was very similar to a man’s footprint. My dog Alpha bristled up, snarled, and then something rushed about nearby trampling among the bushes. However, it didn’t go away. (quoted by Keel)

Arsenyev then threw a stone “towards the unknown animal… something happened that was quite unexpected.” He “heard the beating of wings. Something large and dark emerged from the fog and flew over the river. A moment later it disappeared in the dense mist.”

Arsenyev later told some of the locals about his experience and they shared with him a story about a “man who could fly in the air. Hunters often saw his tracks, tracks that appeared suddenly and vanished suddenly in a way that could only result if the ‘man’ alighted on the ground, then took off again into the air.”

In 1952 at Camp Okubo, Kyoto, Japan, U.S. Air Force Private Sinclair Taylor, on guard duty, said he heard a loud flapping noise. When he looked up he saw a huge “bird” in the moonlight. When it approached him, he became frightened and put a round of ammunition into his gun. The “bird” had stopped its flight and was hovering close by, staring at Private Taylor. He said:

The thing, which now had started to descend again, had the body of a man. It was well over seven feet from head to feet, and its wingspread was almost equal to its height. I started to fire and emptied my carbine where the thing hit the ground. But when I looked… to see if my bullets had found home, there was nothing there. (quoted by Keel)

When the sergeant of the guard came to investigate the gunshots and heard the story, he told Taylor that he believed him — because a year earlier another guard had seen the same thing!

In August 1969, Vietnam, near Da Nang, soldier Earl Morrison with the First Marine Division and two other guards were sitting on top of a bunker talking when they noticed something approaching them in the sky. Morrison said:

We saw what looked like wings, like a bat’s; only it was gigantic compared to what a regular bat would be. After it got close enough so we could see what it was, it looked like a woman. A naked woman. She was black. Her skin was black. Her body was black. But it glowed. It glowed in the night — kind of a greenish cast to it. (quoted by Keel)

The soldiers watched the creature move about in the sky. At one point she was right above their heads, just six or seven feet up. She moved silently, without flapping her wings. Morrison said that she blocked the moon once, but despite the increased darkness, they could still see her because she glowed brightly. It was only when the creature started to fly away that the men heard a flapping sound.

Morrison thought that the covering on her skin was more like fur than feathers. He said, “The skin on her wings looked like it was molded onto her hands.” He also remarked that the movement of her arms suggested that they had no bones in them!

In our own time, a new creature is in the news, the Chupacabra or “goat-sucker”. Witnesses report being attacked and terrorized by a creature that seems to defy current Zoological classification. The sightings first began in Puerto Rico, then migrated to Latin America, and recently Chupacabra have been reported in the southern United States. There is disagreement as to exactly what the creatures look like.

Some witnesses allege that the goat-sucker has a beak and/or wings. Other witnesses report something quite different. They describe a creature with the eyes one associates with the so-called “grey” aliens, large black and without an apparent cornea, or iris. The creature they describe has the body of a dinosaur, some with and some without tails, and prominent fangs jutting from the lower and/or both jaws. To add to the intrigue some reports describe a Chupacabra as being like a large flying rat.

This beast, described as a cross between a kangaroo and a reptile, drains the blood from its victims, leaving only small holes where the fatal incision was made. There have even been reports of human fatalities attributed to the Chupacabra.

I have only selected the above reports to include here because they represent the things that we asked the Cassiopaeans about specifically. There are so many others, so many different types of creatures seen or encountered in various ways through the years, that you just have to sit back and regard our world in total awe!

Yes, such things can be frightening — especially to those who are not open to the anomalous nature of our reality — but with the proper perspective, it can be seen that, indeed, the world is full of such a number of things…

But, moving on to the session in which we asked about these things, let’s see what the Cassiopaeans have to say about such mysteries.

June 9, 1995

Q: (L) I read in a book about a monster called the Beast of Gévaudan which appeared first in 1764 and was supposedly done away with in 1767. Who or what was this beast?

A: Other dimensional “window faller”.

Q: (L) You mean it fell into our dimension from another through a dimensional window?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, that would explain a lot of things about it. What about the creature known as “Spring-Heel Jack” who terrorized England in the last century?

A: Same.

Q: (L) What about the Mothman in West Virginia?

A: Same.

Q: (L) So, windows to other dimensions are the explanation for a whole host of strange things?

A: Yes.

December 3, 1996

Q: (L) There has been a lot of talk lately about this El Chupacabras thing…

A: It is what it is.

Q: (L) The name means “goatsucker” as I understand it. Where does it come from?

A: Review transcripts re: “window fallers”.

Q: (L) If it is a window faller, does it come from another density, or a lateral dimension?

A: Closer to the latter.

Q: (L) Okay, so it is like we have horizontal dimensions and vertical densities. What allowed it to enter our realm?

A: This is complex, but best described as “EM wave bursts along frequency border variation.”

Q: (L) Is there some way to capture or stop this creature?

A: You do not yet completely understand all the “mechanics” of the window faller phenomenon. The physicality is entirely transitory and partially dependent upon consciousness variability, as well as expectations of witnesses.

Q: (L) Does the energy of the fear of the witness enable the creature to continue its existence? Does it feed on the excitement and fear, and is that what makes it manifest?

A: Close, but off a little. It is the other way around, and retro-factored by one half.

Q: (L) What do you mean by that?

A: It is mutual, rather than unilateral. Also, remember that a window falling represents a cross-energizing of realities, equally represented from each “dimension” in question. In other words, because the dimensional curtain has been “torn”, half of one and half of the other contribute to the whole reality.

Q: (L) Does this mean that something from our reality is also scaring something in that other reality?

A: No, it does not “work” that way at all.

Q: (L) Is there any possibility that this creature is going to turn its attention from animals to humans?

A: Ditto last answer. And review response prior to that! First of all, confusion abounds here due to incorrect interpretations of the last subject discussed. Dimensions are not densities!!!! Dimensions are strictly the result of the universal consciousness as manifested in the imagination sector of thought. Density means level of development as measured in terms of closeness to union with the One Cycle. So, obviously, the “Chupacabras” is a manifestation of human consciousness, and, human beings are a manifestation of the Chupacabras consciousness. Get it? Now, a shocker for you: You would not exist if someone didn’t “dream you up”. You literally are the “figments” of someone’s imagination, and nothing more!!!

Q: (L) You mean God dreams and brings us into existence?

A: Remember, “God” is really all existence in creation, in other words, all consciousness. This is because all existence in creation is consciousness, and vice versa.

In terms of the mentioned “EM wave bursts along frequency border variation,” we might want to remember what the Cassiopaeans said about time travel.

First we must explain further time “travel” because the two concepts are closely related. The first step is to artificially induce an electromagnetic field. This opens the door between dimensions of reality.

This would certainly explain the electronic anomalies experienced by Mr. Partridge and the Sheriff’s deputy in the Mothman case. Unfortunately, in the other cases, no one had the technology to determine if such electronic glitches were occurring with the appearances of the monsters. But, in future cases or investigations, it would be an interesting question to add to the list. Opening of doors between dimensions is apparently a very tricky business.

Recently, more interesting cases came to our attention. 265 years ago, a 28 year old German woman named Johanna Sophia Schmied who lived in the village of Taucha near Leipzig, gave birth to a monster that is unlike any other. This monster has become popularly known as the “Chicken Man”.

Fate magazine’s February, 2000, issue recounts the facts of the case as preserved by the attending physician, Dr. Gottlieb Friderici. The physician witnessed the event and preserved the fetus in formaldehyde along with an extensive report of his autopsy, including drawings and the medical history of the mother.

During the autopsy, the doctor noted that the oversized head did not have the characteristics of hydrocephaly and the tumor-like outgrowth was completely filled with brain matter. The heart did not have a pericardium, but was instead, embedded in a “peculiarly thin membrane”.

The bone structure was also very different in significant ways from that of normal human beings. Neither the lower arms nor the lower legs consisted of two bones as would be present in humans. The kneecap was also absent.

The author of the Fate Magazine article, Hartwig Hausdorf, points out some similarities in the story of the mother of this monster and modern day abductions. He asks the obvious question: “Do we have surprising evidence for a case of targeted genetic manipulation by extraterrestrials, abandoned when the results did not meet their expectations?”

This creature is truly monstrous, and it is difficult to even feel pity for it when observing that nothing in either its interior or exterior configuration corresponds to that which is considered to be human. Mr. Hausdorf writes:

There are discrepancies in number, size, and above all, certain components are entirely missing while others appear to be extraordinarily developed.

This story and the accompanying photographs were so curious that I decided to ask the Cassiopaeans for a few remarks.

January 22, 2000

Q: (L) Now, we have this bizarre picture here of this absolutely strange creature in a museum in Germany. What is this 265 year old creature that has been kept in formaldehyde all these years?

A: Hybridized conception/gestate.

Q: (L) Was there hybridization and genetic manipulation going on almost 300 years ago?

A: Most done this way are miscarried.

Q: (L) Did it live at all after birth?

A: No.

Q: (L) Who was responsible for this experiment?

A: It was not an experiment. It was the result of Reptoid “rape”.

Q: (L) So, the mother was raped by a Reptoid. Why do Reptoids rape human women?

A: We have discussed motives.

Q: (L) Yes. They feed on the fear, terror, or absorb some substance emitted by the sexual organs and/or chakra as a kind of “food”, and in some cases they are “changing the genetic program”. But, in general, when we have discussed this, it has not included impregnating human women with Reptoid sperm. How often does this activity result in impregnation?

A: Rarely.

Q: (L) So, in this case it did, and here is the result. Pretty horrible.

Going in another direction, this photograph was recently sent to me by a correspondent. I shared this photo with our discussion group, and a number of members declared outright that it was a fake because they could detect anomalies.

Well, Ark and I did some experiments with photos that we crumpled and drew on the back of, and these experiments produced precisely the effects that the critics were claiming were proof that this photo was not “real”. We subjected the photo to various filters and enhancements, and even though we are not experts, we had expert guidance. In the end, we came to the conclusion that we could not discard it as faked.

You can see a crease across the photo which is consistent with the fact that the story I was told was that it was carried around in someone’s pocket for quite awhile.

There are some odd geometric markings that show up with enhancement, but, as noted, we did some experiments with drawing on the back of a photo and then scanning it, and the same effect is produced. It looks like someone drew a map on the back of the photo.

Now, the thing that struck me forcibly about this photo was the hands, elbows and feet of the creature. Look at them closely and then look again at the creature in the jar a few pages back.

Several readers wrote to inform me that the above creature was/is a creature carved into the rock at Cheddar Gorge, a tourist attraction in England.

“The gorge system has many mythical creatures carved into its rock, and this ‘imp’ photo has been doing the UFOlogical rounds for ages before someone pointed out what it actually was!”

When I received the first email with this information, I attempted to confirm it with the folks at the Cheddar Gorge attraction. No one there seemed to be aware of it or the claims that it was supposed to be in the cave.

Nevertheless, another reader not only wrote with the above information, he tracked down its source: Fortean Times magazine. He included an image of the article:

Even though it now seems that we have proof that the photo is a hoaxed monster, so to say, I must add that the folks at the Cheddar Caves refute the above claim:

From: Cheddar Caves

Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2002 3:39 AM


Unfortunately, this particular plaster goblin is not one of our exhibits. However we do have plaster goblins, but perhaps not as evil looking as the picture you sent! If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me.

Many thanks

Kate Walton

Personal Assistant Cheddar Caves and Gorge

We recently came back to the subject of the Cheddar Caves monster after some discussion took place on our Cassiopaea forum. Here’s what the C’s had to say on the subject:

October 22, 2008

Q: (L) Ar** also asks: Are there monsters in caves all over the world?

A: No, not every one. P4 P3 P2 monsters are most usual.

Q: (L) What is a P4 P3 P2 monster?

A: Species designation.

Q: (L) Species designation by whom? Maybe I don’t want to know!

A: Their creators aka 4D.

Q: (L) Was this little monster that we got this picture of that was supposed to be in the Cheddar caves, was that one of these P4 P3 P2 monsters?

A: P3

Q: (L) Aaah! Creepy! Are P3 or P4 worse or creepier?

A: Depends on your perspective.

Q: (Ar**) Are there monsters in the caves in Malta too?

A: Oh, yes.

Q: (Ar**) Okay, we’ve got to go! (C**) Was this bird sound flapping and hitting my door a creature?

A: Yes

June 9, 2009 (This was exactly fourteen years after the first questions about the beast of Gévaudan!)

Q: (Ar**) Are there any monsters living in caves in France?

A: Yes.

Q: (laughter) (An**) There has to be at least one cave monster question per session with Ar**. (Ar**) I don’t have to go to Malta!!! Which direction, north, south, Paris, east, west — what caves?

A: Massif Centrale.

Q: (Ar**) Where is it? (L) Don’t encourage her! (P) Is it related to the beast of Gévaudan?

A: Yes.

Q: (P) Does that mean that the beast that was sighted in the eighteenth century is still there?

A: Or a relative and others.

Q: (P) But there are no reports like in the eighteenth century.

A: Wait for the window to open again.

Q: (P) It will come back. (An**) When it came the first time it was…

A: That one was someone’s “pet”.

Q: (Ar**) Is there a way to track them so I can find them? I just want to take a picture.

A: No dice!

Q: (A**) Oh come on, tell me!

A: Believe us, you don’t want a picture!

Q: (J) A 4D lizzie’s pet that got off the leash…

A: Remember the “Cheddar” monster? That was a young one!

While we are on the subject of monsters, in the Cambridge Illustrated History of Prehistoric Art, I came across a most unusual photograph. It was in a chapter about “Body Art”, and the many ways our howling-savage ancestors decorated their physiology. Many paragraphs are devoted to the subject of tattooing, and some nice graphic images accompany these remarks. But only a single, vague paragraph is dedicated to the subject of this amazing photograph that I am going to show you.

The author, Paul G. Bahn, comments:

Other forms of bodily art, such as hairstyles and scarification, can only be assessed from prehistoric human figurines and images, except for some preserved bodies whose hair is preserved — for example, from the Altai, the European bog bodies or the early Chinchorro mummies of northern Chile. There is more evidence for skeletal modification. For example, it is known that the deliberate deformation of the human skull, by binding the brow of growing infants or applying pressure at regular intervals, thus giving it a high sloping forehead or a broad flat forehead, was widespread: the phenomenon may even exist among the Neanderthals, and seems to occur in early Australian skulls such as specimens from Kow swamp, 13,000 year old.6

And that’s it. Not another word about it.

Then, you turn the page and there is the picture above. The caption on the picture simply says: “Deliberately deformed skulls from the Ica area, Peru. Precise date unknown, probably early centuries A.D.”

And that’s it. Nothing said about how binding the head of an infant can deform the skull, but it cannot make the skull grow bigger! It seems pretty clear to me that this skull is more than double in cranial size of a normal human skull.

Well, I was pretty curious about this so I went looking to see if I couldn’t find out more about these skulls that were so casually mentioned to be present in the “Ica area, Peru”.

I found an article on the web which included photographs of the same skulls. Apparently, the author, whose name does not appear in the article, actually has some of these skulls in his possession.7 This gentleman wrote about the skulls in the following way:

The movie Stargate has become a popular video cassette rental. Its feature film release was met with disappointing reviews, however, a sort of cult following has ensued as people have started discovering the movie by word of mouth. It deals with a touchy subject… Aliens that visited Earth thousands of years ago.

I learned about the film from the company that was producing a CD-ROM about the movie called The Secrets of Stargate. The associate producer of the CD-ROM, Joel Mills, had learned that I had in my possession photographs that could prove that the movie Stargate was based on historical fact. They wanted to include copies of the photographs of the “unusual giant skulls” that my wife (Bea) and I had collected over the past five years. It seems that the movie deals with the theory that extra terrestrials had used humans as slaves to mine metal in Egypt thousands of years ago.

Mills felt these giant skulls were proof that the ancient pharaohs had the same elongated skulls hidden under their crown head-dress, and that, in fact, the “Coneheads” of Saturday Night Live are based on fact, not fiction.

I pointed out to him that Egypt’s King Akhenaten and his daughters were proud of their distinct features (elongated skulls) and the true facts of this royal family are shrouded in controversy.8 Some historians point out that the giant skulls of this family are a deformity caused by inbreeding. Others discount this and claim that it is the art style of the Armana [sic] period.

The secret society known as the Rosicrucians place King Akhenaten on their highest pedestal by reconstructing his statue and main temple at their head office in San Jose, California.

Mills also asked permission to use photographs of giant skulls that I had obtained while filming at the Nasca lines in Peru.

Although Stargate did not deal with a Peruvian connection, he felt the world needed to see the photographs to understand that ancient skulls of extraordinary dimensions could be found at other major archaeological sites around the world, in particular, the Nasca Line and the ruins of Peru… in the shadows of the Cheops pyramids in Egypt… and the ancient Mayan ruins of Central America… The Triangle of the Ancient Gods.

I was happy to send him the photos but warned him that the photos would probably be too controversial for the general public. He seemed surprised at this comment and wondered why he hadn’t seen pictures like this before. The complicated answer took a great deal of time to explain! I will try to encapsulate this answer and relate to you a brief history of these unusual skulls.

I first came across drawings of the skulls in a book by Ignatius Donnelly called Atlantis, The Antediluvian World. The author tries to prove that at one time there existed a Continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that sank into the sea. Before it sank, the rulers left for Egypt, Mexico and Peru and became rulers of these countries. He found information about these skulls hidden in the Library of Congress in Washington.

I had learned from the Peruvian government that these unusual skulls could be found in many museums in Peru and excavations were uncovering them even now near the Nasca Plateau. I had read Erich Von Daniken’s Chariots of the Gods? and remembered his theories of ancient astronauts landing in this desert area.

A few years ago, we were invited to film and photograph these skulls and other discoveries that Peruvian archaeologists are currently unearthing. These skulls are so numerous in the area of the Nasca desert that you can find small makeshift museums in the backyards of the locals. They dug up their ancestors so you can view their remains for a small fee.

Some skulls show the evidence of ancient brain surgery that prove their ancestors possessed certain abilities that modern science has just recently discovered.

Stunned, we wondered why we had not seen photographs of these skulls before. Our guides explained their church leaders feel these skulls are the work of the devil, the offspring of the fallen angels in the Bible.

In Mexico we found the same types of skulls in a museum in Merida, a city close to the ruins of Palenque. Lord Shield Pacal had the same elongated skull, an image which is found engraved on his tomb. Erich Von Daniken has described the drawings as Pacal sitting in a rocket ship.

The conquering Spaniards found the natives deforming their heads to make them appear more “god-like” and the priests declared them devil worshippers.

Meanwhile in Egypt, King Akhenaten was also regarded as a heretic and all information about this king was obliterated until just recently. These finding prove that the rulers of these advanced societies all shared the common bond of huge skulls and brains that probably provided them with superior intelligence.

This information has been shared by secret societies and religious leaders for hundreds of years and up until now they had decided to keep these secrets for themselves. All who first see the pictures feel…

“They show proof of beings from another world.”

It seems that these conclusions were deemed to be too shocking for the average person and that these skulls were to be dismissed as deformities and hidden far from public view. That is, until President Fujimori took power in Peru. He had decided to allow the skulls to be photographed and has brought them to the attention of the world.

Resistance to publishing the photographs has remained, and there appears to be a world wide cover-up of the skulls true origins. The only answers seems to be that public knowledge of “Fallen Angels” or ancient astronauts would disrupt society and the world’s religions.

I told Joel Mills he would probably face the same struggle to get the photos published in the CD-ROM, just as we have encountered with the various news media. He felt sure that the time was here and now to wake up the world, and that the movie Stargate was just the beginning. I wished him luck and success with the idea and sent him all the material I had in my possession to document the facts he needed.

Several months passed and then one day he phoned to tell me he had left the CD-ROM production team and that none of the skull photographs would be included in The Secrets of Stargate. After several run-ins with executives in Hollywood, the pictures were deemed to be unsuitable for inclusion in The Secrets of Stargate.

He was much happier with his new job promoting a public speaker that teaches the history and wisdom of ancient Egypt and again asked for permission to use the photographs, but this time for private presentations only. He had learned first hand about the powers that have kept these pictures hidden from the public.

Now, just to give you some other views, here is another photograph. Just to try to put the thing in perspective, I searched the internet for an example of “real” head-binding in order to see if the above examples could, conceivably fall into this category.

The practice of deforming the head was much more common in Mesoamerica than was mutilation of the teeth. It has a very wide distribution and dates from antiquity. This is an enduring practice known from many parts of the world. Many Indian groups, particularly in the American Northwest employed this procedure. Plateau Indians in Washington state and Idaho created a flattened forehead by pressing a board against the padded forehead of an infant swaddled in a cradleboard. The most famous were known as the “Flatheads”. In Mesoamerica, deformation was also done by head binding. The Maya used head boards and head binding to produce a distinctive shape which denoted social status and rank in society. A person of high status would have mutilated teeth, a conical shaped cranium and crossed eyes (produced by dangling shiny objects close to the infant’s eyes).9

The image that accompanied this article was a drawing and not an actual photograph. What we see here is clearly that the head binding practice did not alter the volume of the skull. It merely changed the shape.

In the “alien” skulls above, this is not the case. These skulls are almost double in cranial volume.

Considering these distinctions, it is singularly curious that more research isn’t being done on these things and that more information about them is not available. Something so startling and so strange ought to be investigated scientifically.

But then, maybe they have. Maybe that’s why we don’t hear about them or see them more often.

John Keel, one of the most widely read, influential, and controversial writers on mysterious happenings, was strongly influenced by the works of Charles Fort. Though he has written extensively on the subject of UFOs and related phenomena, Keel’s ideas about them are more along the line of occultism than a strict, nuts and bolts explanation. He uses the term “ultraterrestrials” to describe aliens, and this is truly more in line with what the Cassiopaeans say than most other explications.

According to John Keel, humanity’s long history of interactions with such anomalies proves the existence of the “gods” of old. To Keel, Men In Black, monsters, UFOs, and even Mothman, are merely the modern versions of the devils and demons of past times. And he may not be too far from the truth. The only thing I would add to that idea is that we need to get over the supernatural connotation that goes along with the terms “devils and demons”. The following dialogue will make this clearer:

December 3, 1994

Q: (L) I received an article from a friend about experiments by a fellow named Persinger who has been trying to duplicate the “abduction” experience by subjecting people to EM fields in a sensory deprivation chamber. I would like comments on that, and second…

A: Nonsense, some have closed mind inspired by fear.

Q: (L) My concern is that if he is doing this to people, and we have talked about electromagnetic energy blowing holes in the dimensional boundaries, my concern is that this experimentation could be detrimental to the persons being experimented on; is this a possibility?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What could be the results of subjecting someone to these electromagnetic fields?

A: Cessation of body.

Q: (L) In other words, it could kill them?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Could it also open doors between dimensions and allow other things to enter in?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Could they be subjected to spirit or demonic possession by this method?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Could they also be subjected to further programming by aliens through this method? In other words, could Persinger, in his ignorance, be “aiding and abetting the enemy?”

A: Yes. Always keep open mind.

But we want to understand this type of phenomena better, and there were many instances in which we queried the Cassiopaeans about the differences between densities and dimensions and how the two might relate, as well as how other dimensions might interact with our own.

December 5, 1994

Q: (L) I would like to know what is the definition of, and would you describe for us, a dimensional curtain?

A: Self-explanatory. Think.

Q: (L) Can dimensional curtains be between dimensions at the same level of density?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Are dimensional curtains also something that occurs between levels of density?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, a dimensional curtain is a point at which some sort of change takes place… What causes this change?

A: Nature.

Q: (L) In specific terms of the engineering of it, what defines this change?

A: Experience.

Q: (L) Is it in any way related to atomic or quantum physics or the movement of atoms?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay. An atom is in third density. What distinguishes it from an atom in fourth density?

A: Reality.

Q: (L) What distinguishes one realm from another?

A: Assumptions.

Q: (L) Okay, what you assume or expect is what you perceive about that atom depending upon which reality you are in, is that correct?

A: Close.

Q: (L) What determines your assumptions?

A: Experience. Every thing that exists is merely a lesson.

Q: (L) Okay, so once we have learned certain lessons, as in experience of certain things, then our assumptions change?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Okay, is this Wave that is coming our direction going to give us an experience that is going to change our assumptions?

A: Catch 22: One half is that you have to change your assumptions in order to experience the wave in a positive way.

Q: (L) And what does this wave consist of in absolute terms?

A: Realm border.

Q: (L) Is that realm border as in a cutoff point between one reality and another?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is that realm border as in dimensional curtain?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So the planet earth is going to pass through a dimensional curtain?

A: Or an earth. All is merely a lesson, and nothing, repeat nothing, more.

Q: (L) Well, my experience with lessons has been that they are generally painful. Is this realm border crossing, or this merging experience going to be what we, or I, in the third density, would perceive as painful?

A: Wait and see.

Well, the remark, “you have to change your assumptions in order to experience the wave in a positive way,” does not bode well for those who are close-minded to anomalies, for sure! But, let’s go back to the idea of these EM bursts being the means by which doorways are opened between dimensions. It seems that this can occur naturally, and often does. The following segment, though not specific to “anomalies” as we are discussing them, brings up this point. It also may suggest why anomalies are seen or experienced along with geomagnetic disturbances and even cataclysmic activity not to forget electronic glitches.

(Remember, of course, I lived in Florida and roaches are just simply a part of life. I don’t normally have them in my house, but began to notice some years ago that just prior to unusual geological or weather related phenomena, they would begin to come into the house under the doors, and via any other means. As soon as they were inside, my “secret formula” barrier spray insured their almost instant demise, so we would notice them all over the house on their backs, with their legs wiggling weakly in the air.)

April 22, 1995

Q: (L) Why have the roaches been so crazy in the last week or so? They have really been outrageous.

A: Electromagnetism.

Q: (L) What is the source of this electromagnetism?

A: EM field disturbance.

Q: (T) What has disturbed the field?

A: Seismic.

Q: (L) Well, I think something is going to happen because every time I have seen the roaches act this way, something has happened. Earthquakes, volcanoes, thunderstorms, hurricanes, planes crash and so forth. What is the size and locus of this EM disturbance at this point?

A: Moving continuously. Circling earth at 6500 RPM.

Q: (L) Per minute?

A: Yes.

Q: (LM) Is this subterranean or atmospheric?

A: Both.

Q: (L) Is it a natural occurrence or is it being generated from other dimensions?

A: Natural.

Q: (L) Is it from some activity within the planet itself, or the planet’s reaction to cosmic waves?

A: In and around.

Q: (J) Is this a normal occurrence?

A: No.

Q: (J) Has this happened before?

A: Yes. Four months ago. Access memory.

Q: (T) Well, the Japanese earthquake happened four months ago. Is this going to show up as an earth change of some kind?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) This has been going on for a while, now. (L) About ten days I think. (T) What is the general time period to play itself out?

A: Open.

Q: (T) Is it going to center on Laura’s house? [Laughter]

A: Open. If so, suggest “vacation”.

Now, the remark that it was “natural EM”, but not “normal”, should give us pause. Then it was stated that it was “seismic”, but the origin of the seismic activity was not specified. This possibly suggests a disturbance in the natural EM field due to, perhaps, something akin to the above described, “EM wave bursts along frequency border variation,” i.e., time travel.

Going back to the idea that time travel is effected in a way that is similar to transiting between dimensions, as well as the factor that UFOs are often sighted in connection with monsters or the above described “trans-dimensional window fallers”, we might wonder about some of the activity going on here on earth and how these phenomena might be clues to a change in the reality. In other words, if the dimensional or density curtains are opened for one reason, does that mean that there is the possibility for these window fallers to be activated as a side effect of such activity? And, if that is the case, can we look for such anomalies as clues that something else is going on in that time and place?

The following extract contains a few clues to this idea:

January 21, 1995

Q: (L) Okay, in this KRLL document, there was a statement made that the Grays and other aliens “use glandular substances extracted during physical exams of human beings,” or what is often called the gynecological and the sperm extraction exams, “to get high or to feed on.” It is suggested that certain aliens are addicted to these substances and that is why there is such an incredible number, or seems to be so, of abductions and milking of eggs and sperm and the secretions of sexual activity. Is this idea a correct assessment?

A: No.

Q: (L) Do they use glandular substances at all?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What do they use glandular substances for?

A: Medicine for themselves. It helps them cope with 3rd density.

Q: (T) [You are saying that this] is something that they use to help them stay in the third density?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Does it help them to manifest in a more solid physical manner?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, in other words, they draw glandular substances from human beings and this is the reason for all the sexual related activities. It has nothing to do with them “saving humanity”, as has been suggested by some “experiencers” who are looking for a defense of their abductors. I have also heard that women who have sex with aliens say that it is beyond human experience, that it is the greatest thing since the wheel or sliced bread or whatever. Do the aliens also use sexual energy given off by individuals to maintain their status in three dimensions?

A: No. That feeds them in 4th density, as we told you before.

Q: (L) Yes. Okay. How “long”, and I put long in quotes, because we know, as you say, there is no time, but how long, as we measure it, have the Grays been interacting with our race? The Grays, not the Lizards, the Grays, created cybergenetic probes?

A: Time travelers, therefore, “Time is ongoing.”

Q: (L) Okay, recently I read a couple of books J gave me, Knight in Shining Armor, and Replay. Both of these books described time travel… [And both are great reading!]

A: No, not finished with answer. Do you understand the gravity of last response?

Q: (L) They are time travelers, they can move forward and backward in time, they can play games with our heads… (T) They can set up the past to create a future they want. (D) They can organize things so that they can create the energy that they need… (L) They can also make things look good, make them feel good, make them seem good, they can make you have an idea one minute, and then the next minute, create some sort of situation that confirms that idea…

A: When you asked how long, of course it is totally unlimited, is it not?

Q: (L) That’s not good. If they were to move back through space-time and alter an event in our past, would that alteration in the past instantaneously alter our present as well?

A: Has over and over and over.

Q: (D) So they do it over and over and over, constantly?

A: You just are not yet aware, and have no idea of the ramifications!!!

Well, we are beginning to get some idea of these ramifications! But, we are trying to get some kind of handle on these trans-dimensional beings that come in and out of our reality. Just how real are they? The following segment talks about this in a more practical way.

We had been to another MUFON meeting where a Vedic astrologer lectured about the ancient Indian and Vedic literature who talked about UFOs and aliens. It was his opinion that they were merely a representation of the activation of the Kundalini experience for the whole planet, and were, therefore, just symbols with no particular reality of their own. In other words, human activities directed toward “raising consciousness” were causing UFOs and aliens to manifest more or less as figments of our imagination. In specific, he was saying that the Lizard Beings represented this Serpentine energy of ascending knowledge and consciousness. The direct question about this issue is further along in the extract, because I have included most of the session because of its relation to the subject at hand:

August 12, 1995

Q: (L) My first question is: What is the source of the Vedas? The Hindu system of philosophy?

A: There is more than one source. It came into being as a result of meditation.

Q: (L) And what people were responsible for this information?

A: Caucasian.

Q: (L) What period of time were the Vedas received?

A: Varying bits and pieces of information, which later was organized into packages, labeled as it is.

Q: (L) From what realm did this meditated information issue?

A: The realm of the subconscious mind.

Q: (L) Is any of the Vedic information that which was given to man by extra-terrestrials?

A: Not as you would define it.

Q: (L) From what types of beings, or what level of density did this information issue from?

A: Third.

Q: (L) So it is a third density interpretation of reality. What is the percentage of accuracy of the information given in the Vedas? Overall?

A: Accurate at what level? That’s an extremely difficult question to answer as accuracy in determining such things as perceiving the universe and living one’s life is entirely open to interpretation as anyone can resolve accuracy by relating to the parallel universe, which is appropriate for the information given. And, as we have stated in the past, it is possible to create parallel universes through thought energy, and once they are created naturally, they correspond naturally to the interpretation given for them.

Q: (L) Is there any benefit to be obtained through the use of mantras?

A: Especially when the mind says there is. Remember, most all power necessary for altering reality and physicality is contained within the belief center of the mind. This is something you will understand more closely when you reach 4th density reality where physicality is no longer a prison, but is instead, your home, for you to alter as you please. In your current state, you have the misinterpretation of believing that reality is finite and therein lies your difficulty with finite physical existence.

Q: (L) Close enough. Is it true that recitation of mantras can affect spirit release or exorcism?

A: If you please.

Q: (L) Last week, the remark was made, regarding spirit release and exorcism that if it is done properly, by the right person, that there are no side effects or eventualities that would bring detrimental conditions to the individuals and location involved. What was meant by “done correctly”? What is the correct format or mode for exorcism?

A: Correct manner involves honesty and understanding that one has complete faith and awareness of the activities pursued. In other words, when one performs an act, which they proclaim to be having a desired result, and they do not have faith in their own actions as, in fact, producing the desired result, then the effort will collapse because of their lack of faith. Whereas when one has complete faith and multi-density understanding, their activities are indeed truth and useful as prescribed and this is the correct way to pursue them.

Q: (L) Isn’t faith a difficult commodity to acquire?

A: Not at all. When you have found something of truth you will receive demonstrations that locks in your faith.

Q: (L) Earlier today, while talking with this fellow, Ram, the Vedic astrologer, he proposed that the Vedic idea of who and what the Lizard Beings were was correct and that this is the activation of the sexual principle, or kundalini within us. Any kind of UFO or alien activity is merely the reflection of what is inside all of us. Is this a correct assessment?

A: Part of the answer to that question, if you refer back to the answers to the earlier questions, is of a similar nature. But, in truth, the best way to most adequately answer those questions is to ask yourself what do you believe, based on the knowledge that you have collected and have been given.

Q: (L) Well, I sometimes wonder if they are not part of ourselves, in a parallel universe, and they emerge into our world and interact with us in a negative way. And, that the stories of alien—human interaction are really just stories of human performance of mechanical operations, guided by negative aspects of their own being in another dimension or density. Would this not be a distinct possibility?

A: Not in the sense that you are thinking. Remember, it is always wise to review all the previously gathered information whenever any new ideas appear before you. This is true not only in this particular instance, but also all others as well. For example, how often would mere thought patterns, or realities emerging from a parallel universe, appear in desert locations and be retrieved by third density beings for study in the third density realm? Now, if indeed you believe that this has happened, and it HAS, one must contemplate the meaning of such and how it relates to one’s proposal that the whole issue involves much higher levels of density on the etheric plane, and, or, inter dimensional capabilities that cannot be measured within the realm of third density. These theories, certainly, are part of the answer, but merely a part of the answer, and none of them represents the entire answer. And we caution very strongly that you avoid falling into the trap of believing too strongly in any one explanation that appears, as this too, is a form of attack which can lead to destructive consequences.

Q: (L) So, there are actual, material, alien craft that have been captured or retrieved by the government and studied?

A: Do you have any doubt of this?

Q: (L) Well, sometimes I wonder if the whole thing is cooked up by the government just to make us all crazy!

A: Well that’s an interesting concept, but we can assure you, that that is not, in any way, correct.

Q: (L) Well, if these craft emerge into our reality from fourth density, as I assume some of them do, how do they stay here? Do they become absolutely physically material and do they remain here?

A: If they malfunction in third density, they then become frozen in third density. Very simple.

Q: (L) And, does the same hold true for the beings?

A: Precisely.

Q: (L) So, in a very real sense, they are very real and physical…

A: They are very real and physical in fourth density, too. The difference is that fourth density physicality is not the same as third density physicality. But that is not to say that there is no physicality in fourth density.

In order to completely remove all attachment to physicality, one must reach sixth density or higher. Everything below that involves some aspect of physicality or attachment to physicality, as in fifth density, the contemplation zone, which is simply a recycling of those from 1st through 4th densities, in the etheric plane. They are brought back down and recycled into one of the physical realms.

Each density level, one through four, involves lesser and lesser physicality, as you know it, but nevertheless there still is physicality. Third density physicality, however, remains constant on third density.

When a being or a craft or an instrument of any kind manufactured or conceived in fourth density arrives in third density, it is able to navigate through third density in fourth density reality. However, when it malfunctions, whatever is left of it remains in third density.

Those reports of objects or of any physical structure whatsoever, be it a being or a construct, disappearing from third density to fourth density, in each and every case, involves an object or a being, or a construct, which is not in the process of malfunctioning. It is still fully operational at its fourth density realm. It is merely visiting third density which has a limited capacity, as you measure time in its passage, therefore it does, indeed, remove itself naturally, at some point, to fourth density. However, if it malfunctions or is in any way broken or altered, it will remain in third density.

Q: (L) So, if someone removes an implant, the best way to keep it here would be to smash it?

A: If someone removes an implant it is no longer functioning as it was designed to function.

I asked a sort of related question at one point which gives a curious insight into the many reports of the stench of sulphur related to evil manifestations of demons and witches of the past.

May 7, 1995

Q: (L) Why is an unbearable stench of sulphur associated with alien bodies and other related phenomena and entities?

A: Chemical interactions.

Q: (L) So, if an alien dies in third density and remains in third density, and decays in third density, that causes a chemical reaction that creates sulphur or related compounds?

A: Bravo!

Q: (L) Does this imply, since this is what I am inferring, that the aliens are chemically constructed in 4th density?

A: Close.

And that, of course, goes back to the idea that they must use something from our human, third density bodies in order to stabilize their physicality for visits to third density, or even just for interactions with third density reality in general.

One question that arises is: are there any limits to these dimensions? We have already been told that densities are seven in number, and this relates in a powerful way to many ancient teachings. In his most interesting explication of this subject, The Ancient Wisdom, Geoffrey Ashe writes that his researches have indicated that the:

Magical and sacred character of the number seven … is a key to dangerous forces… If we consider seven impartially, certain facts about it become plain, and all of them suggest … a thread that is worth following.

To begin with, if there are indeed any such things as occult clues to Ancient Wisdom, the number seven looks as if it could qualify. Two major sciences did emerge from magical systems, which, in their Western forms, were grounded on seven. Astronomy emerged from astrology, chemistry from alchemy; and astrology and alchemy were mystically linked by this number. (emphasis added)

For more than two thousand years astrologers worked not only with the sun, but with the moon and the five true planets known as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Their modern heirs have tried to add the three planets discovered since, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, but the results have seldom carried conviction. For all vital purposes, Western astrology has always been a septenary system, based on the planets wandering through the signs, the Seven interpreting and channeling the Twelve.

[Laura’s note: Some say that the ancients knew that there were more planets, but they picked out the seven that really count as influences and revealed only these to the wider public.]

Western alchemy knew also seven metals. Each metal was matched to a ruling planet.

[This constant reference to the number seven] is a genuine human quirk that has no obvious motive… The frequency of seven in other contexts proves that we are confronted here with a deep-seated mental reality that deserves attention.

We still schedule our work and leisure by the seven-day week. Its stubborn survival has no logic or convenience.

Most human beings who have lived by the seven-day week, as a native inheritance, have also attuned their ears to a seven-note scale and made their music with this for many centuries. A physical fact does underlie its length. If you start from C, the next C, an octave higher, has twice the vibration-rate. But the seven steps on the way are a product of conditioning. The Chinese do not have them. Their scale consists of five notes.

So likewise with optics. We insist on regarding the spectrum as having seven colours, violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. The Chinese count them differently. For them there are five colours of the rainbow.

Far back in time is a powerful pressure, which has not yet been explained. Westerners (or their cultural forebears in the nearer part of Asia) felt obliged to have seven metals, to match the planets. They felt obliged to have seven planets because… well, because of what? The number was vital, and that, for the moment, is all we can safely say. Early Iranian astrology had nine planets. So did the Hindu astrology that was derived from it. The Chinese, as in other cases, settled on five, the correct list without the sun and moon.

The list of planets made up by the Babylonians is an odd one, if you compare the bodies concerned — to give the sun and moon the same status as Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn…

The dominance of seven has thus far defeated all explainers-away. It does not yield to any known technique of psychological analysis. The reason for it seems to lie in some other direction.

It looks, in fact, as if the Babylonians chose to have seven planets because of a pre-existing mystique of the heptad. (Ashe, 1977)

Ashe tracks the number seven all over the planet, and his conclusions, considering the many clues the Cassiopaeans have given in regard to the matter, are very important. The Cassiopaean statement that there are seven levels of density, and only seven, is supported by a great body of ancient wisdom and, in fact, it may be one of the very keys to the Ancient Technology.

On the subject of the Seven Levels of Density, the following exchange occurred:

Q: (L) After Level Seven, is there another…

A: No “after Seven”, suggest “refresher course” of transcripts!

Q: (L) Well, the question you didn’t let me finish was, is there an octave? Does this step up and start the whole thing over like the octaves on a piano?

A: SPA. [See Previous Answer.]

Q: (L) Well, there is an awful lot of stuff being touted around about octaves density levels higher than seven and so forth.

A: Grand cycle, and who is doing the “touting” that you speak of?

Q: (L) Well, different people. And what is being said is that there is the cycle of seven and the next cycle is at a higher level and is called an octave like the segments on the musical scale.

A: Who are we?

Q: (L) The Cassiopaeans.

A: Yes, now, we have volunteered to assist you in your development, yes? If there were a level eight, do you think we would have failed to mention it at this point?!? There are many who speak, and some who speak the truth!

Q: (L) But why Seven? What is the significance of the number seven?

A: Why not? Is there “significance” to anything?

Q: (L) Only the significance we give it, I guess.

A: And if so, what is that?

Q: (T) Well, it is interesting to me because it means there was a structure to the way things were set up. There must have been a reason it was selected this way as opposed to another way.

A: Really?

Q: (T) It didn’t just happen. Nothing just happens!

A: Who says?

Q: (L) Are you saying, essentially, that it is the way it is because things are just arbitrarily that way?

A: No, we are trying to teach you how to complete the puzzle.

Q: (T) So there is a reason it is what it is and that is something we have to figure out.

A: And you have to figure out what is reason. Much of your learning to this point is based upon assumption of definitions of reality.

Q: (L) And, all of our assumptions are completely wrong?

A: Not all. Logic is subjective.

Q: (L) Is symbolic logic as is used in mathematics subjective?

A: No.

Q: (L) But you always come up with different things using math than mentation. Okay. Well, we opened a can of worms here. (T) We do that every time. (J) Worms are us! [Laughter]

A: Ongoing project.

Sorry for going off on a tangent there, but it sort of fit the subject and we now have it out of the way. But, getting back to our question about whether or not there are any limitations to the numbers of lateral dimensions, we have the following extract from the Cassiopaean text:

January 4, 1997

Q: (L) Physicists talk about multidimensional universes. The idea is that our 3-dimensional space and 1-dimensional time is an illusion of plane beings, while the true universe has more dimensions perpendicular to the above ones. Physicists have different guesses here: 5, 6, 7, 11, and 256. How many dimensions does the true universe have?

A: Not correct concept. Should be: How many universes does the “true” dimension have?

Q: (L) All right, then. I think that from a previous session we were told that the number of universes was not countable. Is that correct?

A: Infinite, maybe, but more to the point: variable and selective.

Q: (L) Explain variable and selective, please?

A: For those who know how, universes can be created at will in order to trans-modify reality merge.

Q: (L) What is a reality merge?

A: What does it sound like?

Q: (T) Merging of realities from one universe into another? A creating of a new reality, which is then merged with the old to create a new universe. (L) Maybe it means the realities of different people merge to create a sort of “mutual universe”? Like the idea “you create your own reality”?

A: T is closer; Laura is playing “left field”.

Q: (L) The next question: The C’s, Andromedans and others talk about “densities”. We are supposed to live in third density. Does this number three have anything to do with three space dimensions?

A: Original definition closer to 3rd level of experience, relating material/ethereal spectrum, but denizens of Terra Locator came up with “Third Dimensional” explanation due to influences upon the subconscious mind from soul memory connection to the Akashic record.

Q: (L) Well, I also want to know why you refer to a technological device that supposedly transports someone from one density to another, as a “Trans Dimensional Remolecularizer”?

A: In order to reconstruct 3rd density into 4th density physical, other dimensions must be utilized in the process. Remember, we are talking about exact duplicates, which are merged.

Q: (L) But, a little while ago you said there was a single dimension and many universes, and now you are saying utilizing another dimension, so the terminology is getting to be a little bit confusing… (T) It is like a program loading onto a computer. Some programs just load straight in. Others need to create a space on the hard drive to put files that they need to load the program, but are not part of the program, and when it is finished loading, it erases all the “loading instructions”. The hard drive is still the hard drive, but for a time, the program used a sector of the hard drive, and created a temporary dimension, let’s say. (L) Is this what we are looking at here?

A: Close. And remember, we said “true” dimension!

Q: (L) So, it is like one hard drive, many programs, loading instructions for new programs that are then erased, etc. If there is one “true dimension”, and infinite universes within it, does one particular universe exist, of and by itself, at any given time, until it is merged into a new one, or is there within this one true dimension, multiple universes as real as ours is, to which we could go, and could be there alongside ours, so to speak?

A: Yes to the latter.

Q: (L) And, can infinite numbers of “dimensions” exist within each level of density, even if temporary?

A: Yes. If you want to go back and change “history”, either for individuals or for universal perception, you must first create an alternate universe to do it. Your 4th density STS “friends” have been doing this a lot.

Q: (L) If you, being a general term, create an alternate universe, does the former one continue to exist, or does the former one merge into the new one?

A: Both.

Q: (T) The universe you are in; you are going along and say, “I think I will create a new Universe.” You do it, and move to it, and you bring your universe with you. That is the merging of realities. But, when you move to the new universe, you are no longer in the original one, which continues along on its own. The pattern of the old universe, you bring into the new one, and when you become part of the new universe you have just created, you are no longer part of the old one you just left. It just goes along with everybody else there. (L) Is this correct?

A: Sort of… remember, one can create all ranges of types of alternate possibilities.

Q: (L) So you could create a new universe with a new “past”, even?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, in that way, both actually occur and you can change the whole thing?

A: When merged, the former never existed.

Q: (T) Not for the person creating the new universe, but the former will continue for everybody else.

A: Close.

Q: (L) So, for the person creating a new universe, the former never existed, but the other beings who are satisfied with that old universe, and “go” with it, are still continuing along as though…

A: Your 3rd density mind restrictions limit the scope of your comprehension in this area.

Q: (L) If you decide you don’t like your present universe, and you work like crazy to learn how to create a new one, and you do it, do you, essentially, forget that you did this? And why you did this? And forget the other universe?

A: If you wish.

Q: (L) So you can or you can’t… (T) Going by what you just said: “an unhappy universe”, is that because you’re perceiving the universe you are in as being unhappy because that is the way you are and where you are at, in terms of learning, and by creating a new universe, you are simply wishing to change the way the universe is around you, and really it’s not the universe that has a problem, but you…

A: Off track.

Q: (L) So, the universe you are in, is what it is, and you are in it for some reason… (T) You’re in it to learn lessons… just to change the universe because you don’t want to learn the lessons you’ve chosen to learn… (L) Or, you have learned them and thereby can change the universe… (T) When you learn, you just move on automatically, you don’t have to change the universe. The universe will change for you.

A: Deja  vu comes to you compliments of 4th density STS.

Q: (L) Is deja  vu a result of some sensation of the universe having changed?

A: Or… some sensation of reality bridging.

Q: (T) As you move into the new universe, you have leftovers?

A: No.

Q: (L) What is reality bridging?

A: What does it sound like?

Q: (L) Is it somewhat like merging universes? (T) A bridge is something you put between two things…

A: You wish to limit, wait till 4th density, when the word will be obsolete!

Q: (L) That still doesn’t help me to understand deja  vu as a “sensation of reality bridging.” Is deja  vu because something comes into our reality from another?

A: One possibility.

Q: (T) Didn’t we talk about this? That it is a bleed through from other dimensions… that when we think we have been someplace before, it is because in another dimension we have…

A: Yes.

Q: (L) If you are now in a particular universe that has been created and merged by fourth density STS, and there is still the old universe existing, and you feel a connection, or a bridging, because some alternate self is in that alternate universe, living through some experience… or a similar thing?

A: No limits of possibilities.

No limits of possibilities.

So, we begin to get the idea that this universe in which we live is, indeed, a strange and marvelous place — far beyond our limited, third density conceptualizations. And further, we begin to get the idea that our reality is definitely being manipulated by higher density forces and that the appearances of monsters and anomalies may be clues to the times and places where these manipulations have taken place, loosely speaking!

We deal with more of the mechanics of these things in other volumes of the Wave series, but we will end this chapter with a quote from the introduction of Strange and Unexplained Phenomena, a compilation by Jerome Clark and Nancy Pear, which is a nice compendium of a lot of weird things:

The three hardest words for human beings to utter are “I don’t know”. Because we like our mysteries quickly and neatly explained, in modern times we have come to ask scientists to find logical explanations for strange human experiences. Sometimes science can use its knowledge and tools to find the answers to puzzling incidents; at other times it offers explanations that don’t seem to fit the anomalies and only add to the confusion about them. When experiences are especially unbelievable, scientists may simply decide that they never really happened and refuse to consider them altogether. Most of us believe that as science learns more, it will be able to explain more. Still, it is almost certain that science will never be able to account for all the “weird stuff” that human beings encounter.

When an anomaly is reported, it is natural not to believe it, to be skeptical. One usually wonders about the witness. Could the person be lying for some reason? Tricks and hoaxes do occur. There are people who go to great lengths to fool scientists and the public, who hope to find fame and fortune by false claims or simply to prove to themselves how clever they are.

It is also natural to wonder about the mental health of a person who has witnessed an extraordinary happening. Common sense tells us that all weird accounts should be blamed on the poor memories, bad dreams, or wild imaginings of confused and unwell minds! Still, psychologists who have examined witnesses of anomalies find them, for the most part, to be the same as people who have had no odd experiences at all. Also, the sheer number of strange reports rattles our common sense a bit, as do cases of multiple witnesses, when large groups of people observe the same strange happenings together.

More interesting still are accounts that have been repeated for centuries; reports of lake monsters in the deep water of Loch Ness, for example, began way back in A.D. 565!

Strange accounts, no matter how farfetched, deserve some careful thought. Although most readers set their own limits as to how high on the strange scale they can go, the kinds of questions raised by anomalies are worth pursuing, even if the event or object is beyond one’s own limits of belief. True understanding of anomalies takes time, effort, and an open — but not a gullible — mind… Human experiences come in more shapes and sizes than we could ever imagine!

I don’t know about you, but to me the idea of an unlimited and endlessly morphing reality, with any and all imaginable things and beings possible, is really exciting! Yes, we have the issue of dealing with those who want to abridge Free Will, control and/or feed on us, but even that can be viewed as a challenge and an adventure!

A Happy Thought

The world is so full

Of a number of things

I’m sure we should all be

As happy as kings.

1 See Richard H. Thompson’s Wolf-Hunting in France in the Reign of Louis XV: The Beast of Gevaudan (Edwin Mellen Press, 1992) for a full account.

2 Keep this item in mind because we will soon come to a story with a similar event — a strange “scratching of the stomach.”

3 I want to mention that this part of The Wave was written quite a bit before the movie was made and there was a resurgence of interest in the Mothman.

4 Just as an item of synchronicity, The Blue Book Commission was dissolved by the army in 1966 after the publication of the Condon report. At the same time, there were numerous UFO flaps that year.

5 Another interesting synchronicity is that 1908 is the year of the Tunguska explosion — on June 30th.

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8 Here the author has made a slight error. Earlier depictions of Akhenaten show him with a normal skull. It was his wife, Nefertiti, and his children, that had the deformed skulls. Akhenaten possibly had himself depicted this way on purpose, perhaps in “solidarity.” The fact that King Tut has a similarly elongated skull, though not so extreme, indicates that Nefertiti was his mother.