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Posts Tagged ‘Calvin Coolidge’


Calvin Coolidge wins a second term as president. United States, Moora, WA. Two Australian teenagers stumbled upon a saucer-shaped shimmering object resting on four legs in a paddock near. They ran off in fear.


The Virginia Racial Integrity Act passed on the advice of Harry Laughlin (Eugenics lab funded by Harrimans and Rockefellers) and was finally overturned and struck off the books by order of the US Federal Supreme Court as late as 1967. On February 22nd, Calvin Coolidge delivers the first presidential radio broadcast from the White House. Ireland, County Wexford. Two boys watched […]


A business decline will bring unemployment and the collapse of farm prosperity. People will blame Wilson and the Democrats. Warren Harding with his plea for a “return to normalcy” after the war is elected president on November 2nd. Calvin Coolidge of Massachusetts is elected vice president. President Wilson is unable to participate in the campaign. Harding and […]