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Posts Tagged ‘France’

Sim City and John F. Kennedy

  True Statesman Son of Perdition When I re-read the words of John F. Kennedy, when I consider the legislation he sought to enact, when I consider the sheer depth and humanity of him, and compare him with what is lurking and lurching in the White House today, I am literally overwhelmed. How far down […]

World Cup Zidane – Materazzi : Italy’s Shameful Win

As a rule, I don’t do football; never liked sitting around watching other people do stuff; would rather be doing stuff myself. That rule, naturally, extends to soccer which – to an American – is like “football lite.” Just to illustrate the point, let me tell a little story. Last year we had to run […]

Jupiter, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and the Return of the Mongols Part 13

Now that we have a theory about the actual location of some of the events of the ancient past, I would like to go back again what Herodotus had to say about the famous Labyrinth of Egypt. Being set free after the reign of the priest of Hephaistos, the Egyptians, since they could not live […]