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Posts Tagged ‘Mao Zedong’


Chinese Communist Party leader Mao Zedong and his supporters gain power in China. George Adamski, grill cook in a roadside hamburger stand, wrote, in his spare time, a document which he called An Imaginary Trip to the Moon, Venus and Mars. He voluntarily listed it with the Library of Congress for copyright purposes as a work of fiction. His […]


Hoover attacks FDR’s New Deal policies in The Challenge to Liberty Congress passes the Securities and Exchange Act. In China, Mao Zedong and his followers begin ‘The Long March.’ The British government classifies Physicist Leo Szilard’s atomic chain reaction patents. Drs. E. L. Chaffee and R. U. Light write monograph: A method for Remote Control of Electrical Stimulation of the Nervous […]


The US Dept of Commerce and Labor is established. Thomas Edison produces the first ‘western’The Great Train Robbery.’ Henry Ford founds Ford Motors. Robert Sterling Clark – still in the Army – returns to Peking China. Yale Divinity School set up a program of schools and hospitals in China. Mao Zedong was among the staff. During the intrigues of […]