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The Wave Chapter 1: Riding The Wave

Many physicists suggest that all that really exists are “waveforms” and our consciousness is something that “reads waves.” We give form and structure to the waves we “read” according to some agreed upon convention. And so, certain denizens of hyperdimensional space are “read” as more or less “reptilian” because that is the “essence” of their being, the frequency of their “wave form.” We actually have come to prefer calling them the “Overlords of Entropy”. They are not necessarily physical as we understand the term, nor are they necessarily “alien” as we understand the term either. We suspect that the perceptions of these levels of reality and their “consciousness units” are what is behind many religious conceptions and mythological representations of “gods and goddesses” and creatures of all sorts.

The Wave Chapter 2: Multi-Dimensional Soul Essences

The subject of the hypnosis session transcribed below was a woman, about 45 years old, who was a science instructor at one of the local high schools. She, too, had begun to experience some rather strange things in her life after becoming associated with a metaphysical church in Tampa, about 40 miles distant from our […]

The Wave Chapter 3: Dorothy and The Frog Prince Meet Flight 19 in Oz or, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!”

The Myth of the Golden Age: a period when the Pole was “oriented” differently; when the seasons were different; the year was different. It was a primordial paradise where time had no meaning. Joscelyn Godwin in Arktos: The Polar Myth (Adventures Unlimited Press, 1996) explains: The memory or imagination of a Golden Age seems to […]

The Wave Chapter 4: The Cassiopaeans Get Taken Out of the Closet and Go for a “Test Drive”

Now that we have talked about The Wave in more or less philosophical terms, things will get a bit more intense from here on out. Events began to move rapidly in our lives, which reflected in the channeling experiment in pretty remarkable ways in which I will describe as briefly as possible. Two members of […]

The Wave Chapter 5: Perpendicular Realities, Tesseracts, and Other Odd Phenomena

In between the MUFON “Demo” session in March of 1995, and the visit of Dr. Santilli in May of the same year, there was another strange concept that the Cassiopaeans introduced to us that relates, it seems, to The Wave. I did not insert it in the chronological sequence because I felt it would have […]

The Wave Chapter 6: Animal Psychology or That which was A, will be A. That which was not-A, will be not-A. Everything was and will be either A or not-A.

February 11, 1995 Q: (L) Earlier we were reading from Ouspensky’s Tertium Organum about perceptions, was this a fairly accurate description of the state of our perceptions and the state of 2nd density perceptions? A: Yes. Q: (L) Okay, now making a jump with that, as to fourth density perception, is the fourth density perception… […]

The Wave Chapter 7: Balloons, Anti-balloons and Fireworks or Laura Falls Into the Pit and Ark Comes to the Rescue

As I said, I was starting to feel pretty confident with this channeling thing we had going on here. For somebody who, as a rule, finds most channeled material to be mindless psychobabble at best, or insidious disinformation leading to destruction at worst, I was becoming rather fascinated by the material the Cassiopaeans were delivering. […]

The Wave Chapter 8: Everywhere You Look, There Is the Face of God

I want to bring some important points from the previous chapters into closer focus. It seems, according to the Cassiopaeans, that the coming of the Wave is parallel to the increase of awareness of a small number of human beings. It is rather like The Wave is increasing awareness, and then the awareness is accelerating […]

The Wave Chapter 9: The Beast of Gévaudan, Spring-Heeled Jack, Mothman, And Other Dimensional Window Fallers

At this point, I want to take a little diversion into the fun and interesting subject of monsters! Yup! Monsters! Now, you ask, what do Monsters have to do with The Wave? Well, perhaps a great deal. Throughout history there have been reports of strange and anomalous creatures visiting our world. The most recent well-publicized […]

The Wave Chapter 12: All There Is Is Lessons

November 24, 1994 All there is is lessons. This is one infinite school. There is no other reason for anything to exist. Even inanimate matter learns it is all an “Illusion”. Each individual possesses all of creation within their minds. Now, contemplate for a moment. Each soul is all-powerful and can create or destroy all […]

The Wave Chapter 10: The Truth Is Out There, But Trust No One!

1999: As I write these pages, the e-mails come fast and furious with questions. I recently received a communication from a correspondent that said, in part: After all your efforts and all the information [the Cassiopaeans have given you], have you yourself come up with a synopsis of what we can expect more or less? […]

The Wave Chapter 11: Roses Grow Best In Manure

THE ROSE (Amanda McBroom, sung by Bette Midler) Some say love, it is a river That drowns the tender reed Some say love, it is a razor That leaves your soul to bleed Some say love, it is a hunger An endless aching need I say love, it is a flower And you its only […]

The Wave Chapter 13: All There Is Is Lessons (Some Further Remarks)

Some Further Remarks The idea that the material world in which we live, move, and have our being is really a symbol system for a deeper reality is, for some people, pretty obvious. The interpretations, however, are many and varied. Some people believe that the symbol system is a self-created reality that manifests in order […]

The Wave Chapter 14: All There Is Is Lessons, or Candy Will Ruin Your Teeth

Candy Will Ruin Your Teeth! The writing of this book series pretty much took on a life of its own. It started out with a “plan” of only nine segments,1 and I intended to get from a designated “point A” to a conclusion, “point B”, with a minimum of words. I never dreamed that there […]

The Wave Chapter 15: All There Is Is Lessons, or He Hideth My Soul in the Cleft of the Rock

He Hideth My Soul in the Cleft of the Rock He hideth my soul in the cleft of the rock that shadows a dry thirsty land… He hideth my life in the depths of His love, and covers me there with His hand.1 Writing this segment as background for the events that follow has been […]

The Wave Chapter 16: All There Is Is Lessons, or Laura Finds Reiki and Ends Up in the Soup… Pea Soup, That Is

Laura Finds Reiki And Ends Up In the Soup… Pea Soup, That Is Remember what I said above: I had seemingly achieved a state of love and acceptance for all people, for all paths, for all who struggled in ignorance. I was working as hard as I could (and even in my state of physical […]

The Wave Chapter 17: All There Is Is Lessons, or Wandering Around in Third Density Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Wandering Around In 3rd Density Can Be Hazardous to Your Health! We’re going to back up a bit here and focus on another line of events that were occurring parallel to the events of the previous section, involving some of the same people and occurring just prior to my decision to distance myself from the […]

The Wave Chapter 18: All There Is Is Lessons, or A Trip to “Alligator Alley”

A Trip to “Alligator Alley”! This now brings us to a most interesting thing. I am jumping over about a year here to get to this incident, but it is directly related and crucial to the understanding of what is going on “out there” in the world of attack/lessons. It will be rather graphic and […]

The Wave Chapter 19: All There Is Is Lessons, or Dr. Greenbaum and the Soul Hackers

Dr. Greenbaum And The Soul Hackers… Now, aside from the bizarre way in which it was depicted (i.e., being raped by a Reptoid) this “changing the program” was something I had heard before. To be more specific, in one of Candy’s numerous sessions focused on regression to the time of purported alien abductions, such a […]

The Wave Chapter 20: Black Lightning Strikes… or Marjoe Gortner Meets Ted Patrick

Black Lightning Strikes… or Marjoe Gortner Meets Ted Patrick After reading about Greenbaum programming, we more or less have some idea of the kinds of things that might be going on in the so-called real world, i.e., human engineered mind programming; and we have a lot to think about. We have also talked about people […]

The Wave Chapter 21: Roswell Revisited or Shades of the X-Files

Roswell Revisited or Shades of the X-Files A recent correspondent wrote: In May, this year, I met Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips in Sydney. If what they said in their book and the two tons of material they possess cannot prove their story, what can? But for Cassiopeians that is not credible. What sort of […]

The Wave Chapter 22: The Nexus Seven Meet the Cassiopaeans

The Nexus Seven Meet the Cassiopaeans Why? That’s the big question I am asked over and over again. Why? Why do the Cassiopaeans tell us that we live in a prison? Why do the Sufis teach that we are in a prison? Why did Gurdjieff, influenced by the Sufi teachings, or even older mystery schools, […]

The Wave Chapter 23: Lucifer and the Pot of Gold or The Quest for the Holy Grail of No Anticipation

We are still asking “why?” We have peeled the onion, layer by layer, and have come to the center and found nothing there. Or, is that altogether true? It may take a little time to put the puzzle back together, and I hope the reader will bear with me because it would be completely useless […]

The Wave Chapter 24: The Bacchantes Meet Apollo At Stonehenge And Play The Third Man Theme

The Bacchantes Meet Apollo At Stonehenge And Play The Third Man Theme Now, I want to make some little observations and conjectures. Most of the creation myths speak about some sort of ritual fault that occurred to bring about humankind’s Fall from Grace. These myths mostly attribute this fault to something having to do with […]

The Wave Chapter 25: A Walk In Nature Among The Names of God Where We Have An Interview With the Vampire And Discover a Cosmic Egg

A Walk In Nature Among The Names of God Where We Have An Interview With the Vampire And Discover a Cosmic Egg At this point, I want to share with you the fact that, like many of you who write to me, coming to understand the whys and wherefores has been a process that has […]

The Wave Chapter 26: The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God Himself. He was present originally with God. All things were made and came into existence through Him; and without Him was not even one thing made that has come into being. In Him was […]

The Wave Chapter 27: Stripped to the Bone The Shamanic Initiation Of The Knighted Ones: Technicians of Ecstasy

Stripped to the Bone The Shamanic Initiation Of The Knighted Ones: Technicians of Ecstasy It may seem to you, the reader of these pages, that I have been hitting very hard on the concept that man is asleep and it is almost impossible to awaken. For some of you, this may evoke a sense of […]

The Wave Chapter 28: Technicians of Ecstasy: The Shamanic Initiation Of The Knighted Ones Part 1

STO and STS In 1999, a document started making the rounds online called “Top Secret/Demon” by an individual or group calling themselves The Nexus Seven.1 The document attempts to convey an assessment of the current alien/UFO phenomena culled from both strictly “3D” analytical thinking and apparently channeled material from a variety of sources. I was […]

The Wave Chapter 28: Technicians of Ecstasy: The Shamanic Initiation Of The Knighted Ones Part 2

OPs and the Big Picture That there exists a soulless race, now numbering close to three billion inhabitants of this planet, certainly helps explain why the Earth is in its current state. That this soulless race are portals used by the 4D STS to maintain their control over us further explains the depth of the […]

The Wave Chapter 29: The 3-5 Code: The Journey From Jerusalem To Oak Island Via the Pyrenees

As I mentioned in the last volume, the subject of the 3-5 Code was first brought up on 11-11-95. A lot of people have asked about this strange occurrence of double elevens and I hope to be able to provide some clues to solving that mystery as we go along. But, we will be diverting […]

The Wave Chapter 30: Grape Wine In a Mason Jar: Jesus, Di and Dodi Take Off From the Denver Airport In Winter to Rain Contrails Upon Our Heads

I think that the reader is beginning to get the idea that following clues that the Cassiopaeans give is a lot of work. It is, and we are only getting warmed up here. I think you will also agree that we are having a little fun after all the grim facing of reality we have […]

The Wave Chapter 31: The Priory of Sion and The Shepherds of Arcadia

The entry of the Prieuré de Sion or Priory of Sion onto the world stage occurred via the efforts of Henry Lincoln, Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh. It all began rather innocently when Lincoln, a television writer, was on an ordinary family vacation back in 1969, at which time he stumbled upon a little mystery […]

The Wave: Chapter 32 Torah, Kaballah, And When I Dream…

I realize that some readers of these pages may wonder exactly where I am heading with this discussion, particularly that which constitutes the previous section. I only ask that you be patient and not skip any of the material because it is important to further events and revelations. What I am trying to give you […]

The Ark of the Covenant and The Temple of Solomon

The Ark of the Covenant: that most mysterious and powerful object that we are led to believe was the object of the Templars sojourn and searches in Jerusalem. What do we really know about the Ark? In order to come to any idea about the Ark, we will naturally have to make a careful examination […]

The House of David

From the earliest times, Israel was composed of a poorly distinguished and variable number of city-states (more like tribal towns) whose population was a melting pot from all areas of the Mediterranean. The specific location that is identified as Israel proper was a more or less backward, rural buffer zone between the civilized Syrians and […]

The First Torah and the First Temple

At the time of fall of the Northern kingdom in 722 BC, many of the refugees from Israel (who could be considered members of the other ten tribes if one wishes to look at it that way), fled south into the rural hill country of Judah. Apparently, among them, were the priest-prophets of Shiloh – […]

The Tribe of Dan

An analysis of the genealogies in the Bible is very illuminating. According to the book of Chronicles there is no genealogy for the tribe of Dan. It has been observed by numerous scholars that many of the names occurring in the genealogies themselves are either blatantly geographical or connected with place-names; while others are definitely […]

Egyptian Chronology: I’m My Own Grandpa!

In all of Egyptian history, nothing is as mysterious as the strange life of Akhenaten and the odd appearance and equally mysterious disappearance of his queen, Nefertiti, whose name means: a beautiful woman has come. We notice in the above account that the the Lord plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because of […]

Moses and Aaron

Returning to the matter of Biblical chronology and its imposition upon our world even down to the present day, we need to consider several things. The redactor and editor of the Bible selected the order of the stories in the new history to fulfill the function of tribal unification for purposes of political and religious […]

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man I

Part I: Preliminary remarks The Quest for the Holy Grail has been the subject of innumerable books, essays, movies, scholarly papers, and assorted other treatments since its formal delineation in the twelfth century AD; its popularity has not diminished one bit in almost 800 years. It is an utterly fascinating subject with something for everyone! […]

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man: Part II: The Terror of History

It is in this present period of history that we observe an upsurge in esoteric interest much of which includes, as is usual in such eras, false teachings and cunning disinformation. At the same time, the Seeker is being offered the data for the “strait gate.” It is up to each individual to understand the […]

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man: Part III: Time

In the present time there is a lot of talk about time because we are rumored to be heading toward the End of Time – and the World itself. Can this be true? And, if so, what implications does such an idea suggest regarding the nature of our universe? If this is not true, then […]

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man: Part III-Time, cont.

It is thought that, for a very long time, possibly all of prehistory, certainly in the earliest conceptions we can discover, humanity opposed “history” by all possible means. This is Eliade’s view of the rituals and rites that have come down from the deepest antiquity. That is to say, they were a form of “sympathetic […]

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man: Part III-2: Time, cont.

The Russian philosopher/mathematician, P.D. Ouspensky recorded G.I. Gurdjieff as saying: “Man is a machine. All his deeds, action, words, thoughts, feelings, convictions, opinions, and habits are the results of external influences, external impressions. Out of himself a man can’t produce a single thought, a single action. Everything he says, does, thinks, feels – all this […]

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man: Part IV: Machiavelli and the ETs

A number of years ago I came across an interesting book entitled: The Gods of Eden, by William Bramley. I picked it up and read the blurbs on the front and back and inside covers. The back of the book claims: “As a result of seven years of intensive research, William Bramley has uncovered the […]

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man: Part V: The Chalice and the Blade

Riane Eisler writes in her revelatory work, The Chalice and The Blade: “Why do we hunt and persecute each other? Why is our world so full of man’s infamous inhumanity to man – and to woman? How can human beings be so brutal to their own kind? What is it that chronically tilts us toward […]

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man: Part VI: A View of History from Us in the Future

The issue of “channeling” as a scientific experiment – utilizing information obtained by such a method – is problematical, to say the least. Again, we wish to reiterate that the “Cassiopaean Source” is NOT, and never has been, a dialogue with so-called “aliens” or “discarnate” beings as they are generally understood. Again we mention the […]

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man: Part VII: The Nordic Covenant and the Coral Castle

The subject of the “Nordic Covenant” emerged only gradually over a period of time and there were many corollary events in our lives that had a strong bearing on the development of this information. The first time it was mentioned was on 12-03-94 when a series of “prophetic markers” were given. These were “signs” we […]

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man: Part VIII: Oak Island and the Shepherds of Arcadia

Now we get to some subject matter that is dear to the heart of many contemporary Grail Questors. A connection between Oak Island and the Shepherds of Arcadia would have been unheard of by those who have gone long before us because Oak Island is in North America. Or would it? Actually, I am going […]

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man: Part IX: Alchemy and St. Germain

Nowadays, our materialistic science derides alchemists as misguided mystics who followed a dream of discovering a substance that could transform base metals into gold. Yes, they admit that much scientific discovery was accomplished in these pursuits, but they toss out the objective of the alchemists as just a pipe dream. Nevertheless, there are interesting stories […]

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man: Part X: The Fulcanelli Phenomenon

“One of the strangest stories to have emerged from the cloud of mystery that surrounds the ancient science of alchemy is that of the modern master, Fulcanelli.” [Johnson, 1992] During the 19th and 20th centuries, alchemy lost favor with the rise of experimental science. The time was that of such stellar names as Lavoisier, Priestley […]

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man: Part XI: Rennes-le-chateau and the Accursed Treasure

I suppose you are wondering when and how I am going to get to the “Shepherds of Arcadia?” Well, it’s coming up here. At some point in the early part of 1992 I had read a number of articles about the book Holy Blood, Holy Grail, and I did think that the hypothesis presented by […]

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man: Part XII: The Priory of Sion

When Holy Blood, Holy Grail was published in 1982, it aroused a firestorm of controversy. The local St. Petersburg Times, Florida, published a review that quoted the Rt. Rev. Montefiore as saying: “Academically absurd… howler after howler.” This was balanced by a quote from one of the book’s author’s, Henry Lincoln saying: “Is it more […]

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man: Part XIII: Visa to Magonia

Now that we have, for all intents and purposes, disposed of the “Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau” as generally promulgated, what do we have left? Remembering that our “final word” about the “parchments” was: After so many discrepancies were discovered in the various stories, and serious questions began to be asked, Philippe de Cherisey wrote: There were […]

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man: Part XIV: The Shepherds of Arcadia Reprise

When Henry Lincoln first read Gerard de Sede’s book, Le Tresor Maudit, he writes that he was quickly able to “solve” the clue that was obviously present in one of the purported parchments. (I am not going to reproduce these parchements here, as they are easily available elsewhere, both in the original books as well […]

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man: Part XV: Jesus: The Man and the Myth

In the early sixteenth century, Pope Leo X is on record as declaring: “It has served us well, this myth of Christ.”  Was the story of Jesus of Nazareth a myth? In the earliest contacts with the Cassiopaeans we began to ask questions about Jesus. This was, in a sense, a form of a “challenge” […]

The Grail Quest and The Destiny of Man: Part XVI: The Crucifixion: The Big Lie

Was Jesus crucified?  Did he then rise from the dead? It is on this point that millions of people believe that they are “saved.” So, it is a pretty big issue! Barbara Walker writes in her monumental and essential work, The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets: “From the Christian viewpoint, a real historical Jesus […]

Fire And Ice: The Day After Tomorrow

  © Inconnu Moonrise over a glacier A few months ago a member of the SOTT Forum posted a link to the following article about investigations into climate change. I wasn’t too sure what the contradictory term “Tropical Ice Cores” meant, but the article seemed to explain all that: Tropical Ice Cores Shows Two Abrupt […]

Climate Change Swindlers and the Political Agenda

What is the truth about Climate Change? Some time ago I wrote about Climate Change as being probably the most pressing problem facing humanity today. It is so pressing that I am convinced that possibly 90% of the human race – over 6 billion people – could be at risk of certain death in the […]

Forget About Global Warming: We’re One Step From Extinction!

Often, some of the most important news comes from local papers, stories that don’t make it up the feeding chain and onto the news wires or major newspapers or nightly network news. It can be news that at first glance wouldn’t appear to have a national or international impact. Second glance, and a good memory, […]

The Younger Dryas Impact Event and the Cycles of Cosmic Catastrophes – Climate Scientists Awakening

The eagle screams, And with pale beak tears corpses. . . . Mountains dash together, Heroes go the way to Hel, And heaven is rent in twain. . . . All men abandon their homesteads When the warder of Midgard In wrath slays the serpent. The sun grows dark, The earth sinks into the sea, […]

Majesterium and the Tipping Point

“Time passes, but they’re always five to seven years from the bomb.” — Shlomo Brom, Israel’s deputy national security adviser under former Prime Minister Ehud Barak Angel by William Blake As Israeli politicians continue to beat the war-drums over what they (now alone) claim to be an imminent threat from a nuclear-capable Iran, very similar […]

The Golden Age, Psychopathy and the Sixth Extinction

When asked what I would like to write about for this issue of the Dot Connector, the first thing that came out of my mouth was “The Golden Age and how we got from there to where we are now and what it all means.” That is the topic that has been exercising my thinking […]

New Light on the Black Death: The Cosmic Connection

New Light on the Black Death: The Cosmic Connection by dendrochronologist Mike Baillie of Queen’s University, Belfast, Ireland. Book Review by Laura Knight-Jadczyk I just finished reading this one and all I can say is: Wow! This was an intense book! Not a long one, either – just 208 pages including appendices. It’s tight and […]

The Hazard to Civilization from Fireballs and Comets

Having recently written a review of New Light on the Black Death: The Cosmic Connection by dendrochronologist Mike Baillie of Queen’s University, Belfast, Ireland, I decided to go deeper into the subject. Over the past few weeks a whole case of books I ordered have been arriving and getting piled on my desk after a […]

Wars, Pestilence and Witches

©Unknown   It was a warm, clear afternoon in the capital. The bustle of metropolitan commerce and tourism filled the streets. Small sailing vessels dotted the sheltered waters within sight of the government buildings, riding on a soft southerly breeze. The Sun sparkled on the gentle swells and wakes, lending a luminous glow to the […]

Thirty Years of Cults and Comets

©Unknown Comet of 1532 This morning I was thumbing through a newly arrived book: Comet/Asteroid Impacts and Human Society, published by the eminent scientific publishing house, Springer, edited by Peter T. Bobrowsky and Hans Rickman. This book is a collection of scientific papers presented at a workshop under the aegis of the International Council for […]

Comet Biela and Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow

©Unknown Cometary fire ruins, as seen from the corner of Dearborn and Monroe Streets, Chicago, 1871. Last night we watched Super Comet – After the Impact, a Discovery Channel special that basically takes the comet that wiped out the dinosaurs and put into modern times. They added some cheesy drama, following the struggles of several […]

Tunguska, the Horns of the Moon and Evolution

©Peter Grego Impression of the 1178 lunar event Last time I said I was going to talk about how much your “glorious leaders” really hate and despise you and how they are plotting your deaths while most of you are so screwed up that you not only do not see this, you actually dance blithely […]

Letters From the Edge

Today I’m going to write a letter; a letter to all our readers. I’m also going to include a transcript of a very interesting letter has received from Prof. Victor Clube. I hope that these letters will change your life, your future, and mine as well. Here at, we have been pretty busy […]

Meteorites, Asteroids, and Comets: Damages, Disasters, Injuries, Deaths, and Very Close Calls

Astronomy books and papers far too numerous to cite offer the assurance that “no one has ever been killed by a meteorite.” (John S. Lewis, University of Arizona) ©Julian Baum Over the past few years, while has been tracking the increasing flux of fireballs and meteorites entering the earth’s atmosphere, we have been, by […]

Cosmic Turkey Shoot

  ©Julian Baum Today we are going to look at the Summary of Conclusions about Fireballs and Meteorites that Victor Clube attached to his cover letter to the Chief, Physics and BMD Coordinator of the European Office of Aerospace Research and Development back in 1996, 5 years before September 11, 2001; that, and a few […]

Amazing Grace – Acknowledgements and Introduction

  Acknowledgments   Thanks to Kristine Rosemary for “ironing” the text. Any reader who finds the book readable and enjoyable ought to thank Kristine also. Thanks to Donna for hauling Kristine and me out of the pit of grammatical and copy errors. Thanks to Jonathan Metcalfe for the beautiful artwork on the cover. Thanks to […]

Chapter One: The Face at The Window

I am awake and I am cold. In the first few moments of awareness, this is all I know.  Waves of shudders pass through me, and in a single spasm of deep shock, I open my eyes.  I don’t know where I am or who I am.  The surroundings are unfamiliar and something is terribly […]

Chapter Two: The Lost Boys and Girls

Families are somewhat like planetary systems. In a certain terrain and atmosphere, the members develop and evolve based on the resources available. It seems to me, after all these years, that it’s impossible to understand the deep inner nature of anyone without understanding these elements of the family “planet”. My parents were divorced when I […]

Chapter Three: Another Window Opens on Strange Connections

Now I wonder if this mysterious event in Orlando that my Grandmother would not even talk about on her deathbed drove Mother to take up with a new protector.  As soon as Cecil entered our lives, we moved.  First to a different house in Orlando, and very soon after to Jacksonville. I didn’t see my […]

Chapter Four: Dead Babies and Iron Skillets

Grandpa decided to arrange for Tom and me to stay with Aunt and Uncle, my mother’s brother and his wife, in Sarasota.  In this way, Mother could keep working on legal problems and we would be “safe”. My aunt put us back in school, I contracted chicken pox, and we lived a normal life.  It […]

Chapter Five: Jane Eyre Redux

Mother’s new religious zeal was fine with me.  I loved Sunday school, the stories the teacher told with illustrations on the felt board, and singing, and just the whole feeling.  I was reading the Bible (in bits and pieces), and God was taking care of us now for sure! Because of my grandmother’s constant presence […]

Chapter Six: Violets and Bulls in the Graveyard

After my long illness, deep changes in my metabolism emerged and the beginning of life-long health issues started to manifest in full force.  For the next three decades, I seldom felt completely well again.  This is typical for people with auto-immune disorders, as I have since learned.  Nowadays, I control it completely with diet, eliminating […]

Chapter Seven: Trapezes and Dog Days

Needless to say, I was ecstatic to go home at the end of the term.  And I was confident my grandfather would keep his promise to see that we didn’t have to return.  But I wasn’t prepared for all the changes in the year we were away.  A year is a long time when it’s […]

Chapter Eight: The Farm

Everyone in the family called it The Farm with capital letters.  An old Florida Cracker style farmhouse already a century old when my grandparents bought it in the Great Depression of the 1930s, it came with eleven acres, a tidal spring or “bayhead,” and half a dozen huge grafted pecan trees of several varieties. The […]

Chapter Nine: The Stand Off

The Farm gave me the best environment to ponder the nature of Evil and how it came to exist.  Yes, I had been taught that Man sinned in Eden because Eve was tempted and passed the temptation along to Adam.  But this simple story did not answer the question of so great an evil as […]

Chapter Ten: Shrinks and Rebels or Being Fifteen is an Awkward State

Rumors about aliens and flying saucers flooded the school the year I went into eighth grade.  First there was a story about a man who lived up on Highway 50 near Weeki Wachee. John Reeves claimed he’d been taken up in a space ship by aliens landing in the woods behind his house.  He built a […]

Chapter Eleven: Graveyards, Psychopaths, Psychics, and Meetings on the Bridge

My mother, always mindful of beauty and appearances, decided to do something about my weight. She believed that how I looked reflected on her, and she disliked being accompanied everywhere by a chubby child.  So she told the pediatrician to prescribe a diet for me.  Well, he did better than that: he prescribed diet pills!  […]

Chapter Twelve: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Keith Laumer had retired from the diplomatic corps to write, and had achieved some success and a reputation as a prolific science fiction novelist.  Keith was pleased to have sold movie rights to a book adapted for the screen with a starring role for Michael Caine. (“The Peeper”, based on the book “Deadfall”.) But he […]

Chapter Thirteen: Oysters on the Half Shell

I ordered Keith’s telephone and went back to the Farm. Late September nights were cool and the days warm, sunny and dry.  The house had been closed for almost a year.  My brother was in the Navy and had married.  Mother had remarried and gone to the East Coast to live.  Now she and her […]

Chapter Fourteen: Pearls in the Oyster

Shortly after my introduction into the field of hypnosis, I went to dinner with Grant on Christmas Eve 1973.  A few days earlier, he had announced that his divorce would soon be final.  He was monstrously depressed over it.  At dinner, he seemed distraught that his little boy didn’t realize their last Christmas in a […]

Chapter Fifteen: Blitzkrieg

After my grandfather’s death, family dynamics shifted dramatically.  For years my grandfather had managed my mother, knowing something was significantly wrong with her approach to life.  He could limit the damage she did to others by supervising her.  But all that was changed now. When I was nearly 15, and we’d been living at the […]

Chapter Sixteen: Dances with Sunlight

What do you do when you wish to die and the Universe obviously has other plans?  Argue? Several days later I woke up in the hospital.  My mother was there.  I realized, to my horror, that by my own hand I had confirmed every negative opinion she had ever pronounced about me and my flawed […]

Chapter Seventeen: Mirror! Mirror! On the Wall…

It’s amazing how our emotions can drive our thinking.  Grant was my soul mate and I’d never be happy with anyone else.  That’s how I interpreted the reading by Lama Sing through Al Miner.  But we’d both apparently screwed up in some way.  Until Grant unburdened his karmic debt, there was no hope for our […]

Chapter Eighteen: The Wolf and the Dove

The bizarre synchronicity of Eva’s appearance, for the second time, on the scene of my imminent demise is, of course, a curious matter.  I am reminded of Lama Sing’s description of her as “your ally in this life”. When Eva saw the hose in the tailpipe of the car, she told me there must be […]

Chapter Nineteen: The World’s Most Beautiful Baby

Nowadays sexual harassment on the job is grounds for legal action and could bring financial advantage to the woman who wants early retirement.  But when I worked for Doc such options were still on the horizon.  The incident with the doctor made me wonder again just exactly what was “wrong” with me. I was friendly […]

Chapter Twenty: Minks and Turkey Basters

Within a few weeks of the baby’s arrival, Mother and Grandmother decided to go back to the Farm.  I didn’t want to go, because I couldn’t stand to be around Mother’s husband.  Buck was such a whiner and sniveler that within ten minutes of being in his presence, I felt near mindless rage at his […]

Chapter Twenty-one: Parties, Mosquitoes, Hives, Hypnosis and Fishing Boats

The main authority in my life was the district manager of the state offices, a Burt Reynolds type in looks and attitude.  Charles was a Florida native like me and he had the same last name (I’ve given him a different first name for privacy).  Some of my co-workers suspected we were related, but he […]

Chapter Twenty-two: The Devil in the Details

Larry began teaching me about boats and the commercial fishing business.  After I quit my job, we were together all day inspecting the boat, a worn out old tub that ought to have been sunk, and getting equipment either repaired or replaced.  We rapidly developed a good working relationship.  I admired his physical prowess and […]

Chapter Twenty-three: In The Forest

A Sufi saying: “Religion is like a garment.  One has to know how it fits before one can take it off”.  I was now proposing to myself that I should put it on as an adult.  I knew that it was necessary to do it fully and completely, and to do this I needed to […]

Chapter Twenty-four: The Poisoned Apple

Mother was quite unhappy that I should shift my loyalties to Larry.  And he was equally determined for his demands to be served through me.  That is to say, my mother wasn’t going to tell him what to do since, at this point, it was obvious that she didn’t have a clue what she was […]

Chapter Twenty-five: The Boat Ride to Damascus

By now the reader knows that I cannot write all of this in strictly chronological format since there are always several threads weaving through a person’s life and for the sake of clarity, I’m separating those threads both thematically and chronologically.  Most of what is in this chapter was running along at the same time […]

The Wave Chapter 33: Introduction

An Exercise in Seeing At this point in this series of volumes, I find that I must change direction again. What you are going to read from here on, was not originally part of The Wave Series as it was published on the Internet beginning in spring of 2000. What happened was that writing and […]

Chapter Twenty-six: Another Face at the Window

Again, another thread of events that were running parallel with the overview given in chapter 24. My eldest daughter awakened in the night screaming in terror so intense she was almost completely unable to describe to us what was frightening her.  Soothing and rocking (she was only in kindergarten) calmed her down sufficiently to get […]